How to get treasure under the stronghold

How to get treasure under the stronghold

Resident Evil Village is the latest entry into Capcom’s long-standing horror and action-adventure franchise and is already breaking records barely a month after its release.

With over 100,000 concurrent players playing the game, Resident Evil fans have taken a shine to Resident Evil Village. As part of the quasi-open world sandbox experience, players can look for collectible treasure chests throughout the game.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to get to one such Resident Evil Village treasure located under the stronghold.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains event spoilers for Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil Village Treasure guide: Under the stronghold

Resident Evil’s “under stronghold treasure” is deceptive in the fact that it appears on players’ maps before they can collect it. On the map, the treasure appears to be inside a pillar that is inaccurate since it can only be collected from underground a lot later in the game.

Where the treasure appears on the map (image via Capcom)
Where the treasure appears on the map (image via Capcom)

To get under the stronghold, players must first fight through a bunch of scripted battles against lycans and make their way underground. Players will then be taking a spiral staircase further underground to meet a wolf-like boss who wields a hammer.

Once the boss is defeated, players will pass through a crystal cave littered with fragments before coming to a room where Heisenberg’s flask and a message from him resides. Players are advised to shoot the glint to farm crystals and sell them to the Duke later on.

Finally, players must get down another flight of stairs and hop on a boat. However, before they do, the treasure is present on the left of the door that leads to the boat. Players can now sell this gold plate for a significant amount of money in-game.

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