Can you put a whole apple in your mouth? This woman can do this feat, made Guinness World Record [Video]

Can you put a whole apple in your mouth? This woman can do this feat, made Guinness World Record [Video]

The size of the mouth is so big that he has made a world record

The size of the mouth is so big that it has made a world record&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspYouTube

Viral video: Due to the large size of the mouth, where the woman was once teased by the people around her and her age, today her name has been recorded in the Guinness World Records due to the same reason, which has given her happiness all over the world. This female can open a mouth up to 6.52 cm and can fit a whole apple in her mouth at a time, whereas humans usually keep cutting it into pieces.

The woman who holds the record is Samantha Ramsdale (31), who has posted several videos on social media showing the size of her mouth. She can open her mouth up to 6.52 cm (2.56 in), which can fit a whole apple. She holds the record for the largest mouth gap (female).

In discussion from online video

There is an interesting story behind how this woman with an unusually huge mouth made this record. Samantha says that she had once created a Tiktok account to get rid of her boredom and soon started discussing it online. Internet users were surprised at the size of his mouth, which is much larger than normal. In such a situation, his followers advised him to try for the Guinness World Record.

On the advice of her followers, she went to her local dentist’s office in South Norwalk, Connecticut, where she had the gap in her mouth measured in the presence of a Guinness adjudicator. Dr. Elke Cheung used digital calipers to measure Samantha’s mouth and her ‘maximum stretch’ averaged 6.52 cm.

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we used to tease

According to Samantha, in childhood, she was teased for the large size of her mouth. Although she eventually learned to accept herself. Samantha told Guinness, ‘Being 31 years old and having achieved the record for something that I was really very insecure about, that I wanted to keep very young, it’s great, because now it’s my One of the biggest, best things about it.’

He said, ‘I think if someone’s body part is big or there is something really different in it and they want to try for Guinness World Records, then they must do it. I would say be proud of it and make it your biggest asset/strength. It is your superpower, it is what makes you special and sets you apart from the people around you.

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