Charity match abandoned I Charity cricket match gets abandoned in England after a massive fight

Charity match abandoned I Charity cricket match gets abandoned in England after a massive fight

fight in charity match

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  • The match had to be canceled due to attack on the players in the middle match.
  • The video of the fight went viral on social media
  • The match was organized with the good intention of raising money in difficult times.

Kent: We call most of the cricket a gentleman’s game, in which amazing sportsmanship is seen. However, when two teams face each other on the field, sometimes light-hearted and sometimes serious arguments or disputes are seen. As long as it’s within the rules, it’s fine. But some incidents happen like this, then along with spoiling the atmosphere of the game, they put a stain on its image. One such incident happened recently, which has shook the cricketing world.

A charity match was being played in Kent, which saw a serious fight. During this the players were attacked. The batting thugs attacked the players from anywhere and everyone was shocked as it was not known how and where it started. The match was being played at Mote Park Cricket Club in Maidstone on Sunday, shortly before the end of the fight.

The entire incident was caught on camera, the video of which has gone viral on social media. It is seen in the clip that some players are fighting on the field when a player who is batting comes from somewhere. Let us tell you that this match was being played for a good cause. It was a charity match, looking to raise money for those who are struggling in these difficult times.

What did the organizers of the cricket tournament say

The goal of the cricket tournament was to collect money under Share for Care. According to Kent Online, the money received from this match would have been given for medical aid in Pakistan. It is seen in the video that there is a fierce argument between one of the players and suddenly one attacked with the bat. After this, there was a fierce fight between the players of both the teams.

The match eventually had to be called off as several players got injured during this period. The organizer of the event, Shahzad Akram said that some people came inside and attacked the players. He says that some people wanted to create a ruckus without any reason. Akram further said that such things are not acceptable and what happened in the cricket field is a gross insult.

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Talking to KentOnline, Akram said, “We tried our best for charity and these lunatics spoiled it. At the end of the day we had the final and there were few overs left when some guys came on the pitch and attacked the players. I don’t know what is the real reason behind this. But people who made trouble on the field came. He picked up the bat and started beating the people. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

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