china’s satellite weapons | China preparing for ‘space war’, making lethal weapons, warns US intelligence official, says US intelligence official

china’s satellite weapons | China preparing for ‘space war’, making lethal weapons, warns US intelligence official, says US intelligence official

US intelligence official says china is developing anti satellite weapons

US intelligence officer warned the world about China.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • A US intelligence official warns of China’s space programs
  • Michael Studman says that China is making weapons to target satellites
  • There have been many reports in the past questioning China’s space programs.

New Delhi : China is busy increasing its military strength to show its bully on the world and show its arrogance. A US intelligence official says that China is preparing for a ‘space war’. It is developing modern technology to target and destroy satellites in space. According to reports, US intelligence officer Rear Admiral Michael Studman gave this warning to the world last week while addressing an intelligence-security group.

Rear Admiral warned on this new ‘trick’ of China
In this program through webinor, Studman said that China is building such modern weapons that can jam and destroy orbiting satellites. He is rapidly manufacturing these weapons. According to Bloomberg’s report, Studeman said in his statement, ‘They look at and assess America’s space capabilities. His intention is to match and surpass America in the field of space. They are working continuously to achieve this desire and goal. This is the latest warning from an intelligence official about the development of weapons by China to target US satellites.

Tiangang space station threat to America
Last April, the Director of National Intelligence released a report. This report claimed that China’s Tiangang space station has become a threat to the US in low orbit. Through this space station, China wants to get the same military and economic benefits as America has achieved by leading the space sector. The report said that in the coming days, the People’s Liberation Army will increase the technical capabilities of this space station. China wants to undermine America’s advance in the field of military communications.

China deploys ASAT missiles on the ground
The report further explained what kind of weapons China is thinking of developing to destroy or intercept American satellites. According to the report, ‘China has already deployed ASAT missiles on the ground to destroy satellites in LEO.’ In view of the challenges being faced by China in the space sector and the future ‘Space War’, America has already started its preparations. The Trump Administration has launched the US Space Force Service. This force is developing weapons to thwart satellite attacks.

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