Corona period: Many cases of anxiety and depression have already increased during the corona period.

Corona period: Many cases of anxiety and depression have already increased during the corona period.

  There has been an increase in stress and depression in Corona period

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New Delhi: The second wave of the Covid pandemic is finally starting to subside in India. In addition to a study conducted at Columbia University, several more recent studies have found that many cases of anxiety and depression worldwide have increased significantly since the start of the pandemic.

According to researchers from Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, three groups – women, youth and people of low social and economic status – have been particularly affected during the time of Corona.

In the present times it is certain that the state of anxiety and depression is being faced by some people. People have started feeling uneasy, restless and nervous. Humans are suffering from the fear of getting caught by Corona. They have also started worrying about things like health, financial problems, unstable routine of their loved ones. People are worried even thinking about how the coming days will pass.

Anxiety can also weaken our immune system

When the amount of stress and anxiety starts increasing, people’s everyday life gets affected. Explain that stress and anxiety can also weaken our immune system, making a person more vulnerable to coronavirus and all kinds of other physical ailments.

Of course, it is natural to be worried about the difficult situations caused by the coronavirus, but it is also very important to manage them. Maintaining mental health is a collective responsibility and requires sustained efforts by individuals, families and communities.

Providing guidance and counseling in this direction is one of the goals of the Jindal School of Psychology and Counseling (JSPC), the tenth school of the OP Jindal Global University in Sonepat, India.

In August, JSPC will welcome the first batch of students who will acquire both knowledge and skills related to different disciplines of psychology, including counseling and clinical psychology. The school is dedicated to assisting those in need of psychological support and nurturing the next generation of psychologists to better prepare the nation for future mental health crises.

JSPC will also promote educational activities in the local community and work on psychological findings. The research content here will be translated accordingly for use in the real-world field and relevant information will be disseminated to people around the world, including India.

Some measures have been suggested by JSP

Finally, some measures have been suggested by JSPC, by which depression and anxiety related to Kovid-19 can be overcome and mental health can be improved. For this, the most important thing is that we behave according to the situation, that is, wear masks regularly, follow social distancing. This will give a feeling of confidence in yourself to some extent. Apart from this, be it in a virtual way or digitally, improve your relationships, talk to people.

Insomnia or lack of sleep are common symptoms of depression. In such a situation, it is very important to exercise and be physically active to get a restful sleep at night. This will help you maintain a regular bedtime routine. Getting enough sleep is also important for mental health.

Avoid excessive consumption of illegal substances like narcotics

Lastly, excessive consumption of illicit substances such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis or narcotics should be avoided. Such substances may provide short-term stress relief, but they usually increase anxiety levels in the long run.

Depression, anxiety or other types of mental pain persist for a long time. This may require the help of mental health professionals. Nonetheless, it is hoped that an increase in the distribution of vaccines in the coming months will lead to the resumption of business and social daily activities and a return to better, healthier times.

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