Exclusive: Just focus on the character, rest is decided by the audience

Exclusive: Just focus on the character, rest is decided by the audience

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  • Apart from The Family Man, Sharad Kelkar has appeared in the webseries The Return.
  • His character in the film Laxmi also got a lot of praise.
  • Sharad Kelkar to share screen with Ajay Devgn in ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’

It has been almost a month since The Family Man season 2 was released, but the craze still remains among the audience regarding this spy thriller webseries. This web series full of action as well as family drama was successful in grabbing the attention of the people. But the character who is getting the most love and appreciation in the new season of The Family Man is Arvind. Yes, we are talking about the character Usu, who the audience considers to be the real villain of the entire webseries. Here we are talking about a loud voice and well-known actor Sharad Kelkar. Sharad Kelkar’s film Bhuj: The Pride of India is going to release soon on the OTT platform. Times Now Hindi had a special conversation with Sharad Kelkar. Here are excerpts from the conversation….

The image of the real villain became in the webseries

Talking about the most lively characters in the webseries, then Arvind’s name may come first in them. Sharad, who plays Arvind, says that while signing the webseries, it was somewhere in his mind that his character should not be limited to villain only. Sharad says as your character is, so does the image. He said that this character was meant to break the image somewhere that you should not pay attention to the character’s image and look at the acting of an actor.

change was needed

Sharad Kelkar (smiling) says a lot of speculations were being made about his character. Sharad said that because of his character, the typecast in the minds of people has changed to a great extent and it was probably needed. An actor is versatile i.e. he can play any kind of character.

able to play all kinds of characters

Sharad says whether negative or positive – he has no favorite character that he will play only one type of character. As an actor, he chooses that character according to the role of that character in the story. After which what inputs can he bring for that character as an actor. And try to play the character with full dedication.

Right decision at right time is necessary

Continuing his point, Sharad Kelkar says that in whatever work you do, your circumstances or just say luck – these matters a lot. The most important thing is that you should take the right decision at the right time. You should be well acquainted with your situation.

Every day is special the day I go on a shoot

Sharad says that it has been many years since he entered the acting world. The day he goes to shoot is like a ‘golden day’ for him. Acting is his passion and he cannot live without it.

It is very important to be happy in life

Sharad further says that he has always followed one thing in life and that is he has always been happy. If you are not happy then how will you be able to keep your family or people around you happy. So whatever be the circumstances, be open at all times. The important thing is how quickly you bounce back from misery, that is, how do you recover. It is obvious that as an artist, we have difficulties in our life like a common human being.

didn’t change at all

Sharad Kelkar says that even after coming to the film industry, there was no change in him. He was the same from the beginning, he is still the same. They go to visit their friends. Sharad says that he doesn’t even want to change, he doesn’t need any kind of cover.

Soon the film Bhuj: The Pride of India will be seen

After The Family Man, Sharad Kelkar will soon be seen sharing the screen with Ajay Kumar. Sharad Kelkar explains that the film is in post production and will soon be released on the OTT platform Hotstar. He plays an army officer in the film. However, you will have to watch the film for what will be new in his character.

message to young artists

Sharad Kelkar says that if you have talent then you must keep working hard. If the time and circumstances are favorable, then you too can achieve the goal.

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