‘No one cares about us, we will die slowly’

‘No one cares about us, we will die slowly’

Afghan girl Says No one cares about us Heart Touching video goes viral on social media

Video of Afghan girl viral on social media&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTwitter


  • Afghan girl’s video goes viral on social media
  • girl told the story of helplessness
  • people are getting emotional watching the video

Afghan Girl Viral Video : These days the eyes of the whole world are on Afghanistan. As soon as the Taliban captured here, there was an outcry everywhere. More than one pictures and videos are being shared on social media. Some of these videos are heart-touching, while some are heart-touching. In this episode, such a video of an innocent girl has come to the fore, after seeing which people are getting very emotional. Alam is that this video has been covered on social media. Now you must be thinking that what is so in this video? Let us tell you that in this video a girl cried saying that no one cares for us and in the coming time we will die slowly.

We are all aware of the kind of situation that has happened in Afghanistan. Here once again the repressive regime of the Taliban has started. In such a situation, a lot of people are running away from there. Not only this, a large number of people have also lost their lives. Many videos are being shared continuously on social media, after seeing which the whole world is shocked. In this episode, an Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad has shared a video on Twitter. In this video the girl clearly says that no one cares about us. We will die slowly. We do not count, because we are born in Afghanistan. So first you watch this video…

people got emotional watching the video

Journalist Alinejad shared the video and wrote, ‘This Afghan girl is very disappointed about the Talibani regime, her dreams are falling apart. My heart is broken for Afghan women. The world has defeated them. It will always be written in history. Now this video is covered on social media. At the time of writing this video, more than two million people have seen this video. Whereas, more than 36 thousand people have liked this video. At the same time, more than 17 thousand people have retweeted this video. Not only this, a large number of users are also giving their feedback on this video. One user wrote, ‘It is heartbreaking to see this depressed girl from Afghanistan cry.’ Another user wrote, ‘It is heartbreaking to hear that the cruelty this regime will do is unbearable, how can the rest of the world allow this to happen.’

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