Foods to control blood sugar level: What should be your diet to control blood sugar?

Foods to control blood sugar level: What should be your diet to control blood sugar?

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  • The problem of high blood sugar level has become very common, it is very important to control it.
  • Many essential nutrients are found inside seafood which is beneficial for controlling blood sugar level.
  • Nuts prove to be very effective in controlling increased blood sugar.

New Delhi: Problems like diabetes, low blood sugar level and high blood sugar level have become common nowadays. The cause of all these problems is our lifestyle. What we eat throughout the day, how much we eat and when we eat all these have an effect on our health. That is why it is the responsibility of every human being to take care of his food and drink.

People who have the problem of increased blood sugar level, they must pay special attention to their food and drink. Do not have such a diet or diet that will increase your blood sugar level or which can prove to be harmful for you. If you are worried because of your increased blood sugar level, then this article can prove to be helpful for you.

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Eating seafood is considered beneficial for high blood sugar levels. According to research, it has been found that seafood contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxygen which keeps our digestive system in good shape and controls blood sugar level.

best food to control sugar


Pumpkin is beneficial for people who have the problem of high blood sugar level. There is plenty of fiber and anti-oxidants inside it, which keeps the increased blood sugar level under control.


Consuming nuts is also considered beneficial for people suffering from increased blood sugar levels. It keeps high blood sugar level under control. That’s why doctors also recommend eating nuts.

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According to science, a chemical called sulforaphane is present inside broccoli, which reduces the blood glucose level in the body. If you are also troubled by increased blood sugar, then eat broccoli.


Those who do not like to eat okra, they must eat okra, especially those people whose blood sugar level is increased. Bhindi absorbs sugar from our intestines and reduces blood sugar level.


Experts say that the fiber present in oats controls the increased blood sugar level. That is why consuming oats is considered beneficial.


According to many researches, it has been found that the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals is high inside the berries. All these essential elements are beneficial for our body and regulate blood sugar level.

(Disclaimer: The tips and advice suggested in the presented article are for general information only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Consult your doctor before starting any kind of fitness program or making any changes to your diet.)

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