Free Fire Download in Jio Phone

Free Fire Download in Jio Phone

Free Fire Game

Free Fire, developed and released by Garena Studios, is a battle royale game. The game is available for devices powered by iOS (iPhone) and Android. The video game positions 50 players on a remote island where only one winning player emerges. Recently, the game has gained a lot of popularity, and now Jio smartphone users can play it too.

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What is the Elite Pass in Free Fire?

Elite Pass is a tier-based program where players in any tier will receive multiple exclusive rewards. Players are expected to complete some missions to obtain badges, which will help them claim these objects. The pass contains elements such as sets of characters, emotes, pieces of characters, and skins. However, the pass is not free, and there are several ways to procure it. Players would either have to use diamonds, which is the Free Fire in-game currency, or buy a seasonal subscription to the Elite Pass. You can even use diamonds to pre-order the ride, and will also get extra bonuses for doing so.

Free Fire Download on Jio phone

  • From the menu open a web browser

  • On the search bar type play store and click on the search button

  • Search for Free Fire by clicking on the Play Store link

  •  Install the app by clicking on Garena Free Fire 

What are the different games like PUBG and Free Fire Games on Android? 

Over the last few years, PUBG and Free Fire dominated the mobile gaming industry. Gross sales have smashed all records for these games, so have the size of their player bases. PUBG and Free Fire ‘s success has contributed to the growth of the eSports industry, which helps the mobile gaming world evolve at an even faster pace. PUBG and Free Fire’s dominance has also overshadowed a few new titles. These recent games, however, have a decent player base and can reach similar popularity levels. Check out the games like PUBG and Free Fire Games on Android below.

  • Call of Duty Mobile

  • Knives Out

  • Battlelands Royale

  • Fortnite

  • Creative Destruction

What is the downloadable Size for Free Fire Game? 

Free Fire was the most downloaded game in 2019 and received the Most Popular Video Game award. The best thing about Free Fire in comparison to other battle royale games is its low download size. Although games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile need around 2 GB of computer storage, Free Fire only requires about 500 MB of installation space.

Free Fire OB21 Version

OB22 update of Free Fire is around the corner, and registrations for the Advance Server have already begun. The OB22 Advance Server is available for download from 20th May 2020 for registered players. Free Fire’s OB22 update will bring several exclusive in-game items, such as the new Wolfrahh character, a new summer lobby, the M82B rifle, and much more. The latest update to OB22 will also run smoothly on devices with 2 GB or more of the RAM.

Tips to Play Free Fire

Select the Right Character: As you progress through the Free Fire Game, you will unlock different characters you can choose to play as. Growing of these characters comes with a special skill that can provide you with the edge of the war. What you need to do is know your favorite style of gameplay and select a character accordingly.

Reticle: One unique aspect of Garena Free Fire is that the moment an enemy is in the crosshair, your reticle changes colour. That means you can use it to ‘scan’ areas where you think there may be an enemy. The enemy is in your sight as it changes colour. You will then fire at the enemy and get a few hits.

Use Objects to Protect: It’s pretty normal for people playing PUBG Mobile to get vulnerable immediately the moment anyone fires at them. In Garena Free Fire, that won’t work as there is hardly any grass for you to hide in. So, it’s easier for you to run from cover to cover. This may be on the way to the circle between buildings and trees and ultimate victory.

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