Ghatak drops cryptic hint about PUBG Mobile India return announcement tomorrow (May 6)

Ghatak drops cryptic hint about PUBG Mobile India return announcement tomorrow (May 6)

Abhijeet Andhare, a.k.a. Ghatak, has dropped a cryptic hint about PUBG Mobile India’s comeback announcement.

PUBG Mobile India’s announcement was made back in November, and it provided the game’s fans and players with glimmers of hope. It has been quite a while, and fans are still waiting for the exact launch date.

Numerous developments about the game’s return have cropped up recently. The username on PUBG Mobile India’s Facebook page has been changed to BattlegroundsMobileIN. Meanwhile, the URL for the YouTube channel was altered to

This suggests a possible rebranding of the game to Battlegrounds Mobile India, as indicated by the leaked poster/thumbnail from one of the older embedded creative assets.

This adds to the build-up around the game’s release, which is probably at its all-time high since it was announced.

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Ghatak drops a cryptic hint about PUBG Mobile India return announcement tomorrow.

In a series of Instagram stories, Ghatak stated the following:

A snippet of Ghatak
A snippet of Ghatak’s story

“BIG DAY TOMORROW. Few mobile gamers that suddenly became PC games will also join. Mark my words. “

A snippet of Ghatak
A snippet of Ghatak’s story

“Some of them had even abused the game and few had even commented that the game wouldn’t be coming back. Tomorrow is the day when everyone would make noise but the audience wouldn’t forget.”

Meanwhile, the professional player also Tweeted the following:

“After tomorrow’s announcement, I will be making another announcement for the biggest events for underdogs. I will let you know tomorrow. Stay tuned.”

In one of his earlier Tweets, he stated:

“So finally, the thing that we had been eagerly waiting for is just on the horizon, you know what I mean. In a couple to days, a huge announcement is coming regarding the game we are waiting for. Stay tuned.”

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Sagar Thakur, aka Maxtern, in an exclusive statement given to Sportskeeda, stated:

“I believe an announcement will be made very soon, and the game will most likely be released by the end of May or June; if it does not, the hype surrounding the game will die.”

Ocean Sharma, a prominent face in the Indian PUBG Mobile community, also told Sportskeeda Esports:

“I hope that an announcement regarding the game’s return will be made soon, because if the game does not return, the audience will not be patient and will try to shift to other games, which will have a negative impact on the entire gaming community and the entire ecosystem.”

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