hich Country Made Free Fire

hich Country Made Free Fire

Free Fire Which Country Game?

Free Fire is slowly taking over mobile gaming since following the ban on PUBG. It was also the most downloaded mobile game in the year 2019. But many players don’t know which country made Free Fire. Compared to other Battle Royale games Free Fire is much faster paced with each match taking only 10 minutes and has only 50 players per game. Many players think Free Fire was made in China since the Ceo of Garena was born in China, but it is not so. Scroll down to know which country made Free Fire?

Which Country Made Free Fire?

Free Fire was developed by 111Studios in Vietnam. So to answer the question of Free Fire made in which country, It is in Vietnam. The game was published globally by 111Studios and Omens Studios in the Netherlands. The game was published in Southeast Asia by Garena which hosts the SEA server of Free Fire. The game has over 500 million downloads in the Google Playstore. It is also a unique game where each character has their own set of special abilities. 


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