Imlie Big Drama TV Show Anu Insult Mithi : Imlie Spoiler: Imli’s mother will be insulted by Mithi

Imlie Big Drama TV Show Anu Insult Mithi : Imlie Spoiler: Imli’s mother will be insulted by Mithi

Imlie Big Drama TV Show Spoiler Anu Insult Imlie Mother Mithi

Tamarind TV Show.&nbsp


  • Tremendous high voltage drama is going to be seen in Tamarind.
  • The ground will slip from under the feet of Tamarind’s mother Mithi.
  • Aditya’s wife Malini will hug KC.

Imli TV serial is going to see tremendous high voltage drama soon. Because now Anu and Mitha will have a face-off. As Kunal Chauhan brings Satyakam to the Tripathi house after he is freed from jail. Tamarind gets emotional and hugs her and inquires about her well being. Meethi, who came home here, asks Tamarind if Malini is here? She would like to meet him. Tamarind says why not. Satyakam says that she came for 1-2 court hearings and she is a kind lady. Malini sees pictures of herself and Aditya lost in her memories here and thinks that if she still hopes to be reunited with Adi, she should not think so. He must move on, he tells Adi not to make his room a museum of memories. Just then Casey comes in and asks what is she doing here. She says that he followed her here too. Then Casey tells that he brought Satyakam on bail. Malini gets happy and thanks him.

Malini hugs KC
When Casey says that he reunited Satyakam with his family. Tamarind, her grandfather and Amma are all here. Malini gets terrified on hearing this and thinks that if she comes to know that she is Malini and Kalpana doesn’t, Mithi will think that she has been cheated. Malini says in mind that she cannot meet Mithi and tries to run away. But Tamarind is coming towards Malini’s room with Mithi and Satyakaam. Now Malini can’t even go out and has to think what she should do. Just then an idea comes and Malini smiles and hugs Casey. As soon as Tamarind opens the door, seeing Malini and KC hugging her, she panics and closes the door. Tamarind tells Meethi and Satyakam to have some breakfast first after taking rest and meet Malini.

How to raise a question on Malini
KC asks Malini to feel like this if she will tell what is happening? Malini apologizes and says that she did not understand what to do. Then Casey says that the girls get out of control seeing him. Malini says that she has already apologized and she should leave from here. Casey asks what really happened? Malini says her life is complicated, she can’t explain it anymore and leaves him.

The ground will slip from under the feet of tamarind’s mother Mithi
Satyakam tells Mithi that he has come straight from jail instead of going to the trail, so he will call Prakash and find out the situation there. Mithi insists Tamarind to introduce Malini to Malini. Tamarind asks to do so after sometime. Anu then learns that Meethi is Tamarind’s mother who had an affair with Dev and ruined her life. Harish invites Tamarind to take part in the ritual and also invites Mithi. Then Anu goes to Mithi and pulls her hand. Mithi asks what is she doing here. Anu asks how dare she come here to ruin someone else’s life by wasting her life. Mithi says she misunderstood. Anu asks if she is not Dev Chaturvedi’s girlfriend for 20 years. Sweet breaks down hearing this.

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Tamarind-Aditya are unaware of the whole matter
Here Aditya goes to Tamarind who had come to collect coconut for the ritual. Aditya goes to take Tamarind so that he does not come alone. Then romantic talks happen between the two. Unaware of the whole controversy, Tamarind says that she is very happy to see her family respect her mother so much. Aditya says that his family will be happier if they come to know that Tamarind is their daughter-in-law and should tell us the truth without any fear. Because this is the right time for his Amma and Dadda’s. Here Anu is shouting at Mithi that she ruined her life 20 years ago and has now sent her daughter Imli to ruin my daughter Malini’s life.

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