Many rules of SBI will change from July 1Check book, ATM, branch cash withdrawal

Many rules of SBI will change from July 1Check book, ATM, branch cash withdrawal

Many rules of SBI will change from July 1 including check book, ATM, branch cash withdrawal

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  • ATM free withdrawal limit has been fixed.
  • Free withdrawal limit has also been fixed from SBI branch.
  • Check book free usage limit has also been fixed.

State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest bank, is going to revise its charges for ATM cash withdrawal, branch cash withdrawal and check book with effect from July 1, 2021. That is, from July 1, SBI is going to make many changes. Now charges will be levied on free four cash withdrawal transactions from ATMs and branches. Be it Basis Savings Bank Deposits or SBI BSBD Accounts. Also, SBI account customers will not have to pay charges only on the first 10 check slips. After that there will be a charge. You need to know about some of the below mentioned service charges which are going to change from July.

SBI Cash Withdrawal Charges at Bank Branch

Free cash withdrawal at branch network is now limited to 4. For withdrawals beyond this, SBI account holders will have to pay a charge from July 1, 2021. After the first 4 free cash withdrawals, SBI customers will have to pay Rs 15 + GST ​​(Goods and Services Tax) on every cash withdrawal from branch or ATM from July 1.

SBI Withdrawal Limit at ATM

SBI ATM cash withdrawal rules are also applicable from July 1, 2021. According to SBI, after the first 4 free transactions, each transaction will be charged Rs 15 + GST ​​for both SBI and other ATMs.

sbi check book charge

As per the new SBI check book charge effective from July 1, a BSBD account holder is allowed to use only 10 check slips in a financial year without any charges. After that, Rs 40 plus GST will be charged for a 10-leaf check book and Rs 75 plus GST for a 25-leaf check book. For 10 pages or part thereof, an emergency check book costs Rs 50 + GST. However, senior citizens have been exempted from checkbook usage restrictions.

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