Imlie gets shot while fighting with terrorist Aditya in shocked

Imlie gets shot while fighting with terrorist Aditya in shocked

Imlie Serial

Imlie Serial&nbsp


  • A shocking twist is coming in the TV serial Tamarind.
  • Imli and Aditya will get injured in the firing of terrorists.
  • Both Tamarind and Malini will claim to be Aditya’s wife.

Mumbai. These days high voltage drama is going on in Star Plus show Imli. Terrorists kidnap Aditya, Malina is trying her best to rescue him. The lives of Tamarind and Aditya are in danger due to the firing of terrorists.

In the serial, the terrorists demand the release of three members of his team from jail in exchange for Aditya’s release. Tamarind will overhear the police conversation about Aditya’s whereabouts. She will be about to tell Tripathi family that Aparna will lock her in a room. She will run away from home in search of the hideout of the terrorists. Aditya and Imli will get injured in the firing.


Minister wants to talk to Aditya’s wife
Malini will soon apply mangalsutra and sindoor. On the other hand, Tamarind will oppose Aditya’s kidnapping. Aditya was kidnapped by Anuja but the family members think that Aditya has been kidnapped by the minister, against whom Aditya has written an article. Now the minister says that he wants to talk to Aditya’s wife. Both Tamarind and Malini say that she is Aditya’s wife.

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Aparna gets taunted
Another new drama is going to happen soon in the show. Aparna is taunted that she did not give her best performance in the Best Bahu contest. For this reason a maid is being made daughter-in-law in the house.

Once again there is going to be a competition for the best daughter-in-law in the house. Aparna will ask Radha and Pallavi to take part in it. Tamarind will also take part in this but Aparna says instead of doing all this, she should get tickets for the trails.

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