Godzilla vs Kong collaboration, new vehicle, new game mode, APK update link, and more

Godzilla vs Kong collaboration, new vehicle, new game mode, APK update link, and more

The latest 1.4 version of PUBG Mobile was released yesterday, i.e., May 11, 2021, and is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Three rewards are up for grabs for players who update the game between May 11 and May 16 (UTC 0). These rewards are as follows: 2888 BP, 100 AG, and Banana Bonanza (3 d).

This article provides an overview of the PUBG Mobile 1.4 update.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned in India. Hence, users from the country are strictly advised not to download the game.

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Overview of the PUBG Mobile 1.4 update

Godzilla vs Kong collaboration

PUBG Mobile announced their collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong during their third-anniversary celebration. The crossover is live, and a new game mode as well as themed content, including events, have been added with the 1.4 update.

APK update link

PUBG Mobile 1.4 can be downloaded using the APK file from the official website. Unlike the previous update, two variants of the file are available on the website. The links for the same are provided below:

Regular version: Click here (Size: 990 MB)

Small/Compact version: Click here (Size 661 MB)

Players must ensure that they have enough storage is available on their devices before downloading either of the files.

For the small or compact version of the game, players will have to download the resource pack separately. There is no need to do this for the regular version.

Players can follow the steps given below to download and install the latest version of PUBG Mobile:

Step 1: Players must first download either one of the files from the links provided above.

Step 2: Next, they should locate and install the APK file. However, they must enable the “Install from unknown source” option before doing so.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, players can log in and enjoy playing the latest version of PUBG Mobile.

If players face an error while installing PUBG Mobile, they can re-download the file again and follow the steps provided above again.

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New vehicle and game mode

A new two-seater sports car called Coupe RB has been added to PUBG Mobile. It is one of the fastest vehicles in the battle royale title. It can run at 150 km/h and is available in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

Titan Strike game mode

As part of the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration and the Titan Strike mode, titans will be available on Erangel from May 11, Sanhok on May 15, and Livik on May 20.

Godzilla and Kong will be visible on Spawn Island and will move around the map on a specific path, interacting with the Apex Expeditionary Army camp and monster settlements along the route.

These camps contain valuable equipment that players can obtain once they have been destroyed. Defeating the monsters will also net resources.

Once the energy surpasses a given level, they will emit specific crystals, each of which boasts a unique perk.

Erangel Titan Crystal: Provides a special throwable that damages and burns the foes.

Sanhok Titan Crystal: Enhances players’ abilities.

Livik Titan Crystals: Provides an item that can detect enemies.

Besides this, the Livik Titan has special abilities that can cause the Blue Zone to shift significantly. When players enter the special circle to collect the Titan Crystals on Livik, their location will be revealed.

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