Imlie Spoiler, Imlie upcoming twist, Imlie Spoiler alert Imlie lost best bahu

Imlie Spoiler, Imlie upcoming twist, Imlie Spoiler alert Imlie lost best bahu

Sumbul Touqeer Khan Dance in Imlie Serial

Sumbul Touqeer Khan Dance in Imlie Serial&nbsp


  • These days best daughter-in-law competition is going on in tamarind serial.
  • Tamarind has also participated in the best daughter-in-law competition, will dance
  • On the other hand Malini and Kunal are coming closer to each other.

Imlie spoiler alert: These days two different stories are going on in Tamarind in Star Plus serial and both the stories are thrilling the audience. On one hand there is a competition for the title of best daughter-in-law and on the other hand a new relationship seems to be forming between Malini and Kunal. Now it remains to be seen what will be the outcome of both these stories.

Now then you saw that as the daughter-in-law of the Tripathi family, Tamarind participates in the best daughter-in-law competition. However, her mother-in-law i.e. Aparna does not want Tamarind to come in front of the whole society as her daughter-in-law. That’s why Aparna made a move and she succeeded in it. The second round of Best Bahu is a dance competition and each participant has to dance with her husband. Tamarind and Aditya also prepare for this round.

Before the competition starts, Aditya goes home to get Ghungroo for Tamarind and Aparna locks her room from outside taking a chance. When Tamarind’s name is announced, Aditya is unable to come there and because of this, Tamarind is out of the competition. Now viewers will see that Aditya will hold himself responsible for Tamarind’s defeat and will apologize to her.

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Malini and Kunal are coming closer
On the other hand there was a fight between Malini and Kunal. Malini went to Aditya’s house even after making a promise to Kunal. After this quarrel, both of them separated but could not stop themselves from thinking about each other. After this, both of them say sorry to each other, assuming their own mistake. A new story has begun between the two as Kunal reveals that he is taking Malini’s divorce case personally. The final hearing of Malini and Aditya’s divorce is over and now it has to be seen whether the two will really get divorced?

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