League of Legends LEC Summer Split to return on June 11th

League of Legends LEC Summer Split to return on June 11th

With the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2021 starting later today, Riot Games have released the start date for the European Summer Split.

In a recent tweet, League of Legends officials revealed that the 2021 LEC Summer Split will start on June 11. This means that teams will only have a month to get their rosters and strategies set before the regular season begins once again.

For Spring Split winners MAD Lions, the amount of rest and prep time will be cut down even shorter as they are participating in this year’s MSI.

Depending on how far they go in the tournament, this roster of rookies will have a hard time ahead. However, many fans will be expecting them to hold on to their crown as the best in Europe.

League of Legends LEC Summer Split 2021 starts on June 11th

The European LEC is, by far, one of the most entertaining League of Legends professional leagues in the world.

The storylines and rivalries that have been created over the years, along with the amount of creativity and effort that the production team puts into each split, have made the league incredibly memorable.

The 2021 LEC Spring Split saw the end of an era when neither Fnatic nor G2 Esports was a part of the grand finals.

It was MAD Lions and Rogue who faced off against each other on the grand finals stage, with the former claiming the title of the best League of Legends team in Europe.

Many fans will be expecting them to have a much stronger run in the League of Legends Summer Split. However, Fnatic and G2 might look to turn their fortunes around and mount a comeback.

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