Legal Marketing Services: What You Need To Know


According to the American Bar Association, around 73% of attorneys in small law firms perform marketing tasks. While this might save money on hiring a dedicated marketing team, it’s certainly a waste of these professionals’ qualifications.

When one considers the hourly rate of a lawyer when compared with legal marketing services fees, these savings vanish. 

What’s more, if your lawyers have time to research and implement the latest marketing tactics, you’ve got bigger problems than you think you have. 

Find out how a professionally-devised legal services marketing plan can help get your lawyers back on the case where they belong.

How Do Legal Marketing Services Work?

Law firm marketing requires the right marketing tools, a smattering of business know-how and skill. Mostly, it needs a plan to succeed.

Legal marketing experts can assist you with all the above tools, and more. They’ve got the experience to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to generating leads for law firms. 

In this light, the first step on your marketing journey involves meeting with your chosen marketing provider to discuss a way forward. They’ll help you set up goals and help you find the right tools to meet them in line with your budget.

Thanks to this, you’ll have a plan in place from the first day, with measurable steps to help you gauge its success.

What Does a Legal Marketer Do for Law Firms?

Marketing your law firm involves more than just posting a few comments on social media or adding a few blog posts to your website. A marketing professional will set up a comprehensive program including the following aspects:

  • Finding the best high-ranking keywords for your law firm
  • SEO for your website, including the technical aspects
  • An engaging and effective social media strategy
  • Guidance on relevant blog topics
  • Professional copywriting services to make your content pop

These methods cover all your bases when it comes to creating irresistible appeal for potential clients, but you can take things even further if you want to.

Paid online advertising, like law firm PPC, can quickly enhance your firm’s visibility and bring you more leads.

The best thing about a pay-per-click campaign is that you only pay Google for it when it’s working. Even one click on your website from a potential client is well worth the expense involved. 

Are you curious about how a law firm PPC campaign can increase leads? Read more now.

Grow Your Business With Modern-Day Tools

Legal marketing services free up your time to focus on providing your customers with your undivided attention. That means you can focus on growing your business as your leads increase.

In the last few years, customers have turned to the internet to satisfy their every need, from shopping to entertainment. Around 80% of US citizens go online when searching for legal assistance, will they find your law firm when they do? 

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