Mehul Choksi News: Kidnapping leaves permanent scars on soul

Mehul Choksi News: Kidnapping leaves permanent scars on soul

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Abduction like a permanent mark on the soul, Mehul Choksi’s lyrics&nbsp


  • Mehul Choksi is accused of forgery with PNB Bank
  • Antigua fled from India
  • Arrived from Antigua in which there were reports of alleged kidnapping.

Mehul Choksi, accused of fraud with PNB Bank and presently fugitive to India has gone to Antigua. He had got relief from the court of Dominica. The way Mehul Choksi was kidnapped in Antigua or deliberately conspired and reached Dominica is like a film story whose truth is still to come out. But he says that he has come to Antigua with wounds on his heart.

Permanent mark on alleged abducted soul
According to media reports, the fugitive diamond merchant has claimed that the alleged abduction has left permanent marks on his soul. I am back home. But this torture has left permanent marks on my psyche and on my soul physically. Choksi, who went missing from Antigua on May 25, was arrested by Dominican authorities for allegedly entering the country illegally. However, Mehul Choksi has always said that he was abducted, tortured and forcibly taken to Dominica.

Didn’t think that Indian agencies would kidnap
I never thought that after all my businesses are closed and all my assets are confiscated, there will be an attempt to kidnap me by Indian agencies. I was always hearing about it but I never believed they can go to this extent when I am contesting legally here in Antigua and exercising my legal rights,” Mehul Choksi added .

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Mehul Choksi stayed in Dominica for 50 days
Mehul Choksi spent almost 50 days in Dominica. The Dominica High Court granted him bail on medical grounds and allowed him to travel to Antigua. He rubbished allegations of non-cooperation with Indian agencies in the audio clip and said he was always available for questioning. He said that I am unable to travel due to health.

you can inquire anytime
If you want to inquire with me, or zoom in or anything, please come here – I’m always available. But I never expected this inhuman and shameless kidnapping. Mehul Choksi is an accused in the multi-crore Punjab National Bank fraud case. He and his nephew Nirav Modi are wanted in connection with the alleged misappropriation of public money worth Rs 13,500 crore from state-run Punjab National Bank.

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