Namak Zyada Khane ke laksan | Health Tips in Hindi | Signs of having too much salt, effect of excess salt in food, signs of having too much salt in the body

Namak Zyada Khane ke laksan | Health Tips in Hindi | Signs of having too much salt, effect of excess salt in food, signs of having too much salt in the body

Signs of having too much salt, effect of having too much salt in food,

Symptoms of eating too much salt (Pic : Istock)&nbsp


  • According to science, eating too much salt causes many damages to the body, hinders the functioning of various body systems.
  • Excess intake of salt is harmful to your heart health, increases your risk of stroke.
  • Swelling in the body, frequent thirst, headache, etc. may be signs of taking excessive salt in the diet.

It is true that without salt our dishes look pale, but it is very important for all of us to consume salt according to the need. Salt is such a food item that is found in every person’s kitchen and adds life to many delicious dishes. But, consuming more than a certain amount of salt is harmful for everyone from small children to the elderly. According to many researches, it has been found that excessive salt intake increases the risk of hypertension and heart disease. It also increases the risk of stroke which can be fatal for any person. If you want to reduce salt intake, then it is not that you should give up salt because it is considered good to consume salt according to the need.

To reduce salt intake, it is important that you pay attention to your diet. Along with this, if you cannot keep an eye on salt intake, then you should pay attention to your body. This is because whenever something is wrong with our body, our body gives us some signal. If you are consuming more salt than you need, then your body will definitely give you this signal.

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Know here, what signals the body gives due to consuming excessive salt.

being thirsty all the time

When you get used to eating too much salt, then you may have problems like parched mouth syndrome. Consuming too much salt can reduce the amount of fluid present inside our body. This can also reduce our hydration level.

May be bloating problem

Excess amount of sodium in the body can invite the problem of bloating. The problem of water retention invites bloating, which also leads to weight gain.

persistent headache

When the amount of sodium in your body becomes high, you can have frequent headaches due to dehydration. If you have this problem then you should detox.

dislike of low salt diet

If a person is eating food with less salt and his tongue does not like its taste, then it means that that person has got used to eating more salt. It is very important to get rid of this problem.

swelling in the body

Eating too much salty food disturbs the body’s natural water retention process, which leads to health problems like Oedema. You should be alert if you have swelling in your body without any injury.

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