No servers found issue returns in Season 9

No servers found issue returns in Season 9

Respawn Entertainment recently released the Season 9 update, which was followed by numerous players reporting Apex Legends servers status issues on Twitter.

Season 9 went live on May 4th, 2021 and players were excited for the new legend Valkyrie. However, the Apex Legends servers status issue has stopped players from getting into the game.

At the same time, the start of Season 9 was plagued by numerous bugs, glitches, market crashes, inventory wipes, and several other issues. Players reported that the Apex Legends servers status issue is ruining their experience in Season 9.

The developers officially addressed all the issues on Twitter. Respawn devs have been working around the clock to come up with some solutions. They addressed the fact that the Season 9 launch didn’t go as planned, as several players were frustrated with the Apex Legends servers status issue. The devs also mentioned that a fix is being worked on and that it is only a matter of time before things stabilize.

However, the community is not convinced as this issue has become a ritual before every seasonal update.

With all this information at hand, this article will discuss the recent Apex Legends servers status issue and how to log in once it’s fixed.

Apex Legends servers status: How to check if the game’s servers are down

Respawn Entertainment recently announced the much-anticipated Season 9 update on May 4th, 2021. The players were quite excited to try out the new Bocek Bow and fly as the new legend Valkyrie. However, they were stopped from entering Season 9 by the Apex Legends servers status issue.

The problem has returned after the developers issued a fix last night. This further enraged fans as they took to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Twitch streamer @trippy_kent_2 mentioned that he had to end his stream because of persistent server issues in Season 9.

Twitter user @cmorenorj mentioned in a post that the Apex Legends servers status issue is affecting players in South America as well as NA.

Similarly, @ElektraAegis mentioned that the game was working properly a couple of hours ago but started showing server problems once again.

Twitch streamer @MRNOFOXGIVEN mentions that even 19 hours after the Season 9 update, the Apex Legends servers status issue is still not fixed. He also highlighted that players are unable to make in-game transactions to buy the Season 9 battle pass.

A Twitter user @e0200189 posted an image of the Apex Legends no servers found screen which popped up every time players attempted to get in the game.

This Apex Legends servers status problem is stopping the community from playing Season 9. Fans are frustrated that it hasn’t been fixed even after 24 hours.

While most players want to main Valkyrie and use her abilities in gunfights, others have lost faith and are disappointed with the developers. As of now, the best players can do is wait until the servers are back up again. However, players should note that this issue might bring back the inventory wipe glitch once again.

With no news from the developers, fans and players are patiently looking forward to playing Season 9 as soon as the Apex Legends servers status issue gets fixed.

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