Top 5 safest landing spots in PUBG Mobile Lite

Top 5 safest landing spots in PUBG Mobile Lite

The safest place to land in PUBG Mobile Lite depends on the course the airplane is taking. Players who do not want to take any risks can opt to land in clusters of houses strewn around Varenga and Golden Woods, rather than a particular place.

Both Varenga and Golden Woods offer exciting locations where players can loot in PUBG Mobile Lite. Some of these places are quite popular, and hence threaten the safety of newer players. Therefore, they must always choose places with more cover to protect themselves from enemy fire.

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Top 5 safest landing spots in PUBG Mobile Lite

These are five of the safest landing spots in PUBG Mobile Lite:

1. Canyon (Varenga)

Players can find this place located at the north-western side of Varenga. There are many buildings in this locale, all of which provide good loot to players. The buildings also give protection to gamers when there are opponents around.

2. Pier (Golden Woods)

This spot is located on the south-western corner of Golden Woods. Landind here is a bit risky, not because of enemies, but because of the shrinking safe zone.

3. Promontory (Varenga)

This place is located at the northern side of Varenga and is quite unpopular in PUBG Mobile Lite. The group of buildings on either side of the road ensures that players have enough loot to sustain themselves. The buildings are also a good place to lay low and hide if enemies happen to come by.

4. Sawmill (Golden Woods)

Sawmill is situated towards the eastern side of Golden Woods in PUBG Mobile Lite. The best part about landing here is that players can loot the clusters of buildings located nearby. Players have to ensure that they stay away from Perikanan and Luxury House, both of which are located nearby.

5. East District (Varenga)

East District has a few buildings that players can loot. Since it is in the middle of nowhere, players usually do not opt for this locale. So, beginners can loot without having to worry about an unexpected attack.

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Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. Moreover, this article is for beginners. While these places may seem obvious to some, several new players often search for suggestions.

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