Official Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement, teaser, website, and more

Official Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement, teaser, website, and more

Indian PUBG Mobile fans today were delighted with the announcement for Battlegrounds Mobile India, i.e., the region-specific PUBG version. This means that the renowned BR title is finally set to make its return to India after being suspended by the government in November 2020 due to “security and privacy concerns.”

A website for the game has been made public where developers released the banner, terms of service, and privacy policy. Moreover, a teaser has also been released on YouTube.

This article highlights details about the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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PUBG Mobile India update: Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement, teaser, website and more

Official announcement

Logo of Battlegrounds Mobile India
Logo of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton today officially announced its upcoming title – Battlegrounds Mobile India. This was done via a post on their new official website. The game is set to feature exclusive content, including events and outfits tailored to the needs of local users.

In addition, this game will host an ecosystem of its own with multiple tournaments and leagues. This is like a cherry on the cake as the game will be returning with increased scope for competitive play.


A new teaser/trailer has been dropped on the official YouTube channel. At the time of writing, it has already surpassed the two million views, which underscores the title’s popularity.

Data security, privacy and website

The previous version of the game was suspended due to security reasons. Hence Krafton has stated in the official announcement that privacy and data security are their top priority. The company has vowed to work closely with its partners to ensure this.

A new website with the following URL has been launched for Battleground Mobile India. The website further provides additional details about its privacy policy and terms of service.

Players under 18 will need consent from their parents to play. Moreover, restrictions have been put in terms of game time and spending as well.

In addition to this, it reveals that the player data will be stored on servers located in India and Singapore.

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