Pokimane’s hot-tub stream was not what the Internet expected it to be

Pokimane’s hot-tub stream was not what the Internet expected it to be

Imane “Pokimane” Anys was part of a “hot-tub” stream along with fellow members of Offline TV.

The streamer had earlier claimed that she had convinced other members of the content group to host a hot-tub stream on her birthday ie. 14th May. As promised, Pokimane hosted a hot-tub stream which featured the likes of Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Michael Reeves, William “Scarra” Jimmy Li and Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng, among others. However, the stream has been criticized by part of the internet for “making a mockery of hot-tub streams.”

The hot-tub meta on Twitch has been criticized for being overtly “sexual” in nature. However, quite a few fans seem disappointed due to the fact that Pokimane and her friends were “fully-clothed” during the stream.

Pokimane’s hot-tub stream gets called out for being “disappointing”

Despite the criticism, most fans seemed to be happy about the stream and thought that it was hilarious. There were quite a few highlights as well. Pokimane received a birthday-cake from her friends as can be seen in the clip below. The female streamers were all wearing t-shirts that had bikini prints on both sides.

Disguised Toast showed up wearing a plastic suit with six-pack abs embedded on the front. He ended up writing names on his “chest,” that included that of Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo, who had previously shown an intent to be the “camera-man” for the hot-tub stream.

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Additionally, fans had earlier posted on social media asking Michael Reeves to “go shirtless,” and he eventually did. Disguised Toast decided to get a fake tattoo as can be seen in the clip below. Regardless, multiple fans claimed that the “hot-tub” stream was not what they had been expecting.

The hot-tub meta on Twitch has blown up in recent months. Various content creators have come under scrutiny for exploiting a gray area in Twitch’s TOS. Twitch’s rules allow for streaming wearing “bathing-suits/swimsuits” in a non-suggestive manner.

This has led to most hot-tub streams featuring content creators wearing bikinis/swimsuits. A majority of the community thinks that these streams are “sexually suggestive” and should be banned.

However, after Pokimane’s hot-tub streams, some people have claimed that she should not have been “fully-clothed.”

Hence, the criticism seems to be the opposite of what the “hot-tub” meta has been criticized for. Quite a few viewers wanted Pokimane and her to host a “real” hot-tub stream.

Regardless, most fans appreciated the stream and thought that it was funny, as can be seen in the tweets above.

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