PUBG New State (Mobile) developer, APK pre-registrations, gameplay details, and more 

PUBG New State (Mobile) developer, APK pre-registrations, gameplay details, and more 

PUBG New State Mobile is the most recent addition to the PUBG Mobile franchise. Following the success of PUBG Mobile, Krafton Inc. brought in a new version of the battle royale game with an added twist.

Developers broke the news of PUBG New State to the public in February and launched the pre-registration drive as well. It turned out to be a grand success as, within eight weeks, over 10 million gamers signed up for the pre-registration drive.

The pre-registration for PUBG New State is available in every country except for China, India, and Vietnam.

PUBG New State Mobile aims to bring new changes to gaming graphics. This article will reveal the pre-registration details and dates for beta tests and give an insight into the gameplay PUBG New State is expected to offer.

PUBG New State Mobile: Pre-registration, beta tests, and gameplay

PUBG New State Mobile has already raised a lot of interest among gamers. After the grand success of PUBG Mobile, players are looking forward to something new and unique from Krafton Inc.

Millions have turned in favor of PUBG New State Mobile as it has already crossed more than 10 million pre-registrations and has been a trending topic for players worldwide.

Pre-registration is available for Android users, and players can register on the PUBG New State pre-registration page. Gamers are assured that pre-registration will ensure that they have a permanent limited edition vehicle skin.

Pre-registration is currently unavailable for iOS users. However, developers have stated that pre-registration for iOS users will be available at a later date. It is expected that iOS pre-registration will also offer some kind of cosmetic or in-game items as a welcome bounty.

PUBG New State aims to add new concepts to the battle royale mainframe. Developers have stated that the game will be set in the year 2051. The official statement from Google Play Store states that PUBG New State will bring a revolutionary change in terms of gaming graphics.

The 2051 setup will see a number of futuristic weapons and vehicles. A new 8×8 map named Troi will be added for PUBG New State Mobile. Also, players can expect a much more detailed map for PUBG New State.

Developers are working to make this a first-time experience for gamers in terms of advanced gameplay and graphics. The futuristic setup will add a new dimension to PUBG Mobile and will definitely attract more and more players.

PUBG New State Mobile is expected to go through a beta test phase. It is anticipated that limited users will be given access to PUBG New State Mobile for beta tests.

No specific dates have been released by Krafton Inc. However, a recent tweet from the official PUBG New State handle revealed that the beta tests would be carried out during the second quarter of 2021 and would be available for players in a limited number of regions.

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