Resident Evil Village: All in-game shotgun locations

Resident Evil Village: All in-game shotgun locations

Shotguns are arguably the best choice of weapons in Resident Evil Village, considering the monsters that might attack the player at any time during the game.

There are only three types of shotguns available to players in Resident Evil Village. However, players can only grab these shotguns after completing a certain stage of the game.

The three shotguns and the stages at which they become available in Resident Evil Village are as follows:

  • M1897 – Becomes available during the first attack that Ethan faces in the village.
  • W870 TAC – Becomes available after clearing House Beneviento.
  • SVG-12 – Becomes available after reaching Heisenberg’s Factory.

Players should note that although all three of these shotguns become available in the Duke’s shop after reaching the respective stages in the game, the M1897 and W870 TAC can also be obtained for free from the available in-game loot. However, SVG-12 can only be purchased from the Duke’s shop in Resident Evil Village.

Shotguns in Resident Evil Village

Here’s a detailed rundown of how players can obtain the M1897 and the W870 TAC for free in Resident Evil Village.

The M1897 shotgun in Resident Evil Village

Players can obtain the M1897 during the early stages of Resident Evil Village when they are facing off against the first monster that appears in the game.

The shotgun can be found on the dining table inside the house that has two monsters perched on top of it in East Old Town.

The W870 TAC in Resident Evil Village

After defeating the doll inside House Beneviento, players will need to look for the W870 TAC shotgun inside the tiny house located on the left of the path that leads back to the village.

Players should note that if they miss out on collecting these shotguns in the game, they can always purchase them from the Duke’s shop in Resident Evil Village.

The only automatic shotgun in Resident Evil Village, the SVG-12, can be obtained by purchasing it from the Duke’s shop. However, players should remember that the SVG-12 only becomes available after they have reached Heisenberg’s Factory in Resident Evil Village.

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