Sony finally unveils 2 new color schemes for the PS5’s Dualsense

Sony finally unveils 2 new color schemes for the PS5’s Dualsense

While it has become increasingly difficult for players to get their hands on a PS5, they can rest easier knowing that they now have more options for the Dualsense’s color.

Sony’s initial decision to ditch their signature black-and-blue motif for the PS5’s white-and-blue was a major shift. While many fans appreciated the bold design choices, especially with regards to the console’s design, many missed the black color of the older consoles. As a result, a palpable demand for custom paint jobs for the PS5 and the Dualsense arose.

Now, Sony has unveiled two new color schemes for the revolutionary Dualsense – Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. As expected, the PS fanbase erupted in excitement at the return of the signature black paint with blue accents.

The two new color schemes are expected to be released in June.

Is the PS fanbase satisfied with the Midnight Black?

According to a PlayStation Blog post by Isabelle Tomatis (Senior Director PS VR eSports, Peripherals Marketing and Licensing, SIE), the Midnight Black features “two subtly different shades of black with light gray detailing to reflect how we view space through the night sky.”

Meanwhile, Cosmic Red offers “a striking black and red design inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos.”

Fans had quite a lot to say about the new Dualsense colors, particularly the Midnight Black color scheme.

There are many players who would still pass on this one since being able to purchase a PS5 right now is quite difficult.

The Dualsense has been the focal point of what makes the PS5 so special. While the ray-tracing and quick SSDs have impressed stat nerds, the controller has been able to provide the most amount of “wow” factor to the PS5.

With incredible improvement and nuance in haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the Dualsense is easily the best controller out there.

Despite its issues with drift, the Dualsense is a great idea at its core and is one of the most exciting parts of the PS5.

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