Thalapathy Vijay Love Story | South Star Thalapathy Vijay was giving heart to his fan at first sight, this love story is interesting Tamil South Superstar Thalapathy Vijay Love Story in Hindi

Thalapathy Vijay Love Story | South Star Thalapathy Vijay was giving heart to his fan at first sight, this love story is interesting Tamil South Superstar Thalapathy Vijay Love Story in Hindi

Thalapathy Vijay and Sangeetha

Thalapathy Vijay and Sangeeta&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspInstagram


  • In the very first meeting, Vijay had given his heart to Sangeeta Sornalingam.
  • Vijay and Sangeeta married on 25 August 1999 according to Christian customs, 26 years are about to be completed.
  • Vijay and Sangeeta are one of the most loved couples of the South film industry.

Mumbai: Often you must have been hearing the news of love story between the stars of the film world. But today we will introduce you to such a star of the film world who fell in love with his die heart fan and married him after being in a relationship for a few days. Yes, we are talking about Kollywood superstars Thalapathy Vijay and Sangeeta Sornalingam. Thalapathy Vijay would never have thought that he would marry any of his fans.

On the other hand, Sangeeta too would have never dreamed that the actor she is a fan of will fall in love with her and become a humsafar. The love story of both is really very interesting, let’s take a look at the love life of this superstar.

When Sangeeta first met Vijay, he was not a superstar but was working hard and hard to make a mark in the South film industry. During this, he was in the news for his first film ‘Poove Unakga’ released in 1996. The film was being well received by the Tamils ​​not only in India but also abroad. This film had put four moons in Vijay’s career.

After which Vijay was shooting for his upcoming film in Chennai’s Film City, during which Sangeeta came to congratulate him on the sets of the film. Sangeeta was very anxious to meet Vijay after seeing this film, Sangeeta had made up her mind that she would meet Vijay and congratulate him personally. Let us tell you that Sangeeta is the daughter of a Tamil industrialist, who was set in Britain at that time.

South Star Thalapati Vijay love story

Thalapathy Vijay and Sangeeta Sornalingam first meeting:
According to media reports, Vijay was very impressed with Sangeeta only after her first meeting. Vijay was shocked to learn that Sangeeta had come to India from London to meet him. It was only after the first meeting with Sangeeta that Vijay even invited her to come to his house in the evening. After this, the process of friendship between the two started and this friendship gradually turned into love.

Parents did not know that Sangeeta would become their daughter-in-law:
Sangeeta and Vijay first met on the sets of the film. After this Vijay had invited Sangeet to come home in the evening. Vijay’s parents also liked Sangeeta very much, but they never thought that Sangeeta would become his daughter-in-law. Vijay’s mother had told in an interview with Times Now that she had liked Sangeeta at first sight and she had made a place in our hearts.

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A father’s question added the relation of seven births:
After this meeting, Thalapathy Vijay and Sangeeta got into a relationship and both of them dated each other for about 3 years. Gradually, the parents of both also came to know that both of them started falling in love with each other. After this, Vijay again called Sangeeta to his house after a few days. This time Vijay’s father asked Sangeeta, will she marry Vijay? On hearing this, Sangeeta immediately said yes. Vijay was pleased to hear Sangeeta’s answer, as if he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

After this, Vijay and Sangeeta got married according to Christian customs on 25 August 1999. The marriage of both was in the headlines for a long time and many celebs from South Indian attended it. Let us tell you that soon both of them are going to complete 26 years of marriage.

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