The man got the mobile number from the dog’s leash, said to the woman – let’s pass together

The man got the mobile number from the dog’s leash, said to the woman – let’s pass together

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The man got the phone number from the dog’s leash and started harassing the woman&nbsp

A woman is shocked and upset that how her phone number was passed on to another man and the man called through that number and started saying that the two should spend together. Now this question can be answered in two ways. The first is that the woman herself has shared her number or the person has juggled the number. Now the woman says that she did not share her number, but her number was written on the leash her dog was wearing. Now the question is how did that person reach that woman’s dog.

Actually the woman was walking with her dog and the man stopped her and asked if she could also take a walk together. When the woman did not object, he started walking and in the meantime remembered the woman’s mobile number on the dog collar and started demanding to spend time together. People usually write their name, address and phone number on the dog’s collar so that if the dog is lost, people can reach it.

The man appears to have noted down his number while caressing the dog, sent him a message saying they should hang out. A screenshot was shared on Reddit. It read that hey, I got your phone number from your dog’s collar. Thanks for petting her. We should go outside.

The woman ignored the man’s message and left without any reply. That person sent another message after about seven hours. In the second message, he wrote that hello if you don’t want people to text you then why is your number on his caller too? What a f*** such a tease. Some Reddit users said that texting the woman was too scary for the guy. One user wrote, “If you’re getting bad vibes or they’re going to put your dog’s collar on for a while.” Looking, you need to go. Another person wrote that it was super scary.

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