Top 5 Genshin Impact secrets that most players don’t know about

Top 5 Genshin Impact secrets that most players don’t know about

It has been more than seven months since the release of Genshin Impact. Despite the game’s massive popularity, there are a few in-game secrets that most players don’t know about.

Ranging from secret achievements to various unknown in-game glitches, Genshin Impact has a few secrets that will even surprise fans who have been playing the game since its launch. This article features five such secrets in Genshin Impact that most players have no idea about.

5 lesser-known Genshin Impact secrets

#5 – Secret Achievements for Gliding

Gliding is not only faster than walking in Genshin Impact but is also a lot safer as it allows players to avoid enemies that they might otherwise encounter while walking. Players can also consume food while gliding to restore their stamina mid-air in case the need arises.

Gliding in Genshin Impact also grants players various secret achievements. The best way to earn the Golden Gliding License and It’s The Same As Having Wings secret achievement in Genshin Impact is by gliding across from Starsnatch Cliff to the island located across the sea.

#4 – Flying across the map like a Rocket

Although this phenomenon in Genshin Impact is technically a glitch, flying across the entire map of Teyvat in a rocket-like arc is definitely a scene that many players haven’t seen. Although Genshin Impact features various other glitches, this is, by far, the least well-known one.

In order to trigger this glitch, players will need to head over to the highest point on the map, located close to the updraft near Qingyun Peak. Players will then need to trigger a normal attack while gliding off the Geo Pillar backwards.

Players can find a detailed guide to this glitch by clicking on this link.

#3 – Amber’s hilarious reaction to her own name

When players first come across Amber in Genshin Impact, the character will ask for the player’s name. However, if the player’s name is also set to Amber, it triggers a hilarious reaction from the in-game character. Amber’s response to hearing her own name in Genshin Impact is:

“...Doesn’t sound like a local name to me.”

Although the entire scenario has a very humorous outcome, not many players are aware of this self-triggered comic situation in Genshin Impact.

#2 – “Boared to Death” secret achievement

Although this secret achievement does not involve a lot of rewards, the activity involved makes it one of the most iconic achievements in Genshin Impact. To earn the “Boared to Death” secret achievement, players need to get their in-game character killed by a Wild Boar.

Considering that this is a secret achievement that only grants five Primogems as reward, not many players know about it.

#1 – Secret Bank Chest

Not many players are aware of the fact that there is a secret chest inside the bank at Liyue that contains 200,000 Mora.

Although 200,000 is a lot of Mora for players at low levels, this huge sum can be extremely handy for players at higher levels who are looking to upgrade their characters and weapons.

Players can find this secret chest by heading over to the gate being guarded by the NPC called Nadia at the bank in Liyue. Once the players manage to get past Nadia and enter through the door, they will have to take the stairs located on the right side of the front desk. The secret chest containing 200,000 Mora can be found at the top of the flight of stairs.

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