Understanding the WordPress Featured Image Size

Featured Image Size

 Digital content is the biggest weapon today, and since the pandemic, there has been a huge growth in the writing projects available in the market. People who have been in content management will relate to the challenges related to publishing quality articles. As a blogger or a writer in any genre, there is a massive responsibility to create impactful articles that build high traffic awareness and leads that drive sales. Featured Image Size- 

Every WordPress site has enhanced features that offer great customer engagement and allow companies to grow and see the bigger picture. For example, a good WordPress site offers high-quality content that keeps the customers engaged with a dynamic and colorful display of relatable images where the WordPress Featured Image Size can be adjusted without compromising the quality of the image. It additionally gives a user-friendly interface that the customers enjoy. 

Let us see the best practices while working on an image to adjust WordPress Featured Image Size.

wordpress featured image size

Understanding WordPress Featured Image Size

Every post or article has a thumbnail, and the featured image is the image that shows up automatically. It is extremely crucial as the featured image explains the meaning of the post or what the post is about. So it has to be chosen properly. For example, if the post is regarding a bike, a colorful image of the bike shows relevance to the post. Any other image will not be relevant. Also, the featured image drives a lot of traffic, so ensuring that the image is of high quality is required to represent the post.


Marketing surge with Quality images on Social Media

Additionally, since there is a huge spike in social media advertising or marketing, call it anything, it gives mind-blowing results in heightening the reach. For example, social media is a simple and affordable deal to reach a global audience if you want to market a product. Since it has so much potential businesses use it is a key medium to market the business. Now coming back to the image in the post, since the image is the default one and when you publish it on social media channels, it brings a massive response.

wordpress featured image size

Steps to follow for WordPress Featured Image Size

1. Appropriate size

Picking the right size for the image is a tricky part. Usually, in the entire community of WordPress blogs, the appropriate WordPress Featured Image Size is 1200:628 pixels. The image must not occupy too much space as the site will look really bad. Some of the themes in the WordPress site have inbuilt plugins that automate resizing of the images that it chooses as appropriate. But most of them require manual selection of images and resizing. The image size should be suitable for the theme, and the template the site is using as the result will look uniform then. The size mentioned earlier, 1200:628 pixels is ideal because it gives the highest quality for the image, and also it will omit the odd appearance of the full-size image on the site.

2. WordPress Featured Image Size to be resized

Resizing the featured image is an important part in the WordPress site because, for instance, if someone is browsing, before they even start reading the article, they look at the picture. Let us see an example of the web – the images attract readers in the first place. If there is a picture of a tasty dish or a celebrity, the picture will grab the user’s attention and drive traffic to the website to read the post. The plugins to resize the images will take away all the fuss of doing the manual work every time you want to upload the image. 

wordpress featured image size

3. How to install Resize plugin 

To shed the load of manually editing of the WordPress Featured Image Size 

  • Go to the WordPress admin panel
  • Click on the plugins present in the left column and add a new link
  • Type Resize Image After Upload in the search plugins
  • Locate the plugin and install it 
  • Next activate it
  • How to configure the WordPress Featured Image Size 
  • On the same page, go to settings
  • Click the link for Resize Image Upload 

Anyone can sail through the plugin configuration with ease of the process. Whatever changes the user wants to make can be done just in a few clicks. However, the user must ensure to click on update changes to save the modifications on the post.

4. Option to Re-size

The drop-down list for the ‘enable resizing’ option must be turned to yes always. To manage the image size in the post, the user has settings called “Max image dimensions” let us say we want the image’s width to be 800. We will set the max-width to 800, and we can allow the plugin to proportionately set the height for the image automatically so we can keep it to 0.

To Conclude:

To make the site more attractive and effectively target the customers, the WordPress Featured Image Size and quality are key factors. It is a compelling factor for brand recognition. Moreover, any business must offer viewers a visual treat that ultimately brings awareness, growth, and traffic to the website.