If you drive a car and a bike, water will come out instead of smoke! Know PM Modi’s next plan

If you drive a car and a bike, water will come out instead of smoke!  Know PM Modi’s next plan

If you drive a car and a bike, water will come out instead of smoke! Know PM Modi’s next plan


Hydrogen gas will be use as a fuel

Hydrogen gas will be used as fuel (Photo Credits – istockphoto)&nbsp


  • Cars, bikes, buses etc. will run on hydrogen fuel, which will be much cheaper than petrol-diesel.
  • Being a green gas, there will be no pollution from hydrogen fuel.
  • The use of hydrogen-powered vehicles has started in Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

The Prime Minister has announced a National Hydrogen Mission on the 75th anniversary of Independence. Its purpose is to make India self-reliant in the field of energy. That is, in the coming times in India, cars, buses, two wheelers have to be run on hydrogen fuel. Which will be completely green fuel. That is, when you drive your car, bike, instead of smoke, water will come out in the form of vapor. For this, the government wants to create such an infrastructure in the country, which can reduce pollution and make a clean India.

what did the prime minister say

Announcing the National Hydrogen Mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation from the Red Fort said, “India will be established as a global hub in green hydrogen based fuels. India will promote gas based economy by adopting ethanol blended petrol and We can become self-reliant in the energy sector by expanding electric vehicles. We have to take a pledge that when the country celebrates 100 years of independence, we will be self-reliant in the energy sector as well.”

What do experts say

Energy Sector Expert Narendra Taneja Times Now Navbharat Digital “The major part of the fuel we use now comes from crude oil, coal, natural gas. Now technology is being developed in the world to use hydrogen as a fuel. The purpose of which is hydrogen. Cars, buses, two wheelers etc. All types of vehicles should be used for this. Hydrogen is being considered as the newest and most powerful source of fuel. The real work of the hydrogen mission that the Prime Minister has talked about will be to promote research in this area. Apart from this, the necessary equipment should be manufactured in India and it should also be easily available. In India, IndianOil has started working in this direction. They are running a pilot project in Faridabad, Haryana. Also Hydrogen in Delhi. The experiment of running buses has also started. Now the Prime Minister will come out with a national policy. Which will give us energy independence.”

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what is the situation now

“We currently import 86 per cent of our oil requirement, 54 per cent of our natural gas. Apart from this, we also import solar power equipment. So our dependence on imports is very high,” says Taneja. According to the information received from the industry, at present, we import about Rs 12 lakh crore annually in the country only for oil.

Much cheaper than petrol and diesel

The specialty of hydrogen fuel will be that it will be much cheaper than petrol-diesel. As there are retail outlets now, retail outlets of hydrogen fuel will open. It will also be filled in the same way as CNG is filled now. It will be cheaper because it is only water. In this way its cost will be greatly reduced. However, there are still some challenges regarding it. Work is being done all over the world in that direction. And this could be a reality in the coming 10 years. Its use has started in Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

This is how green hydrogen is formed

It is produced from solar or wind power through water electrolysis process. In the refinery, it can be used instead of carbon emitting fuel.

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