Video: A child was playing with fun in a village in Vietnam, suddenly the king cobra came,

Video: A child was playing with fun in a village in Vietnam, suddenly the king cobra came,

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The child was playing with fun, suddenly came the king cobra&nbsp

Viral Video: Hearing the name of the king cobra, there is panic, if a real kimb cobra comes in front of you, then it is sure to get sick. The incident that we will mention here is from Sok Trang village of Vietnam. Here in a house an innocent child is playing with his toy. A man is also standing beside him. In that person, he sees some movement. He sees that a king cobra is fast approaching towards that child.

The man immediately takes the child in his arms and runs inside the house and another youth swiftly closes the door of the house. The king cobra reaches that door, but due to the door being closed, he cannot go inside. The king cobra goes outside while playing with the toys.

The caption of the video was, What really happened was a 2 meter king cobra sliding into my house while my son was playing with his toy in the front yard. The man who was standing is his grandfather. As Grandpa stroked, he could not react quickly, he saw the snake slipping and he cried loudly to call my husband to save the child. Luckily, all is well!

The video shared above went viral not only on YouTube but also on other social media platforms. It has garnered 96,121 views since it was shared on July 15. In the comments section, horrified netizens reacted to the video. One user said, ‘Look at the speed man. Today I firmly believe that snakes should never be underestimated. Another user said, “Wow, didn’t expect the old man to be so quick and agile when he first saw it. The good thing is that both the little boy and the kids are safe.

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