Viral Video: Innocent Sanaya Kamboj tells what she does to avoid homework

Viral Video: Innocent Sanaya Kamboj tells what she does to avoid homework

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If you want to avoid homework, listen to Shanaya Kamboj, you will be rolling&nbsp

Viral Video: Earlier it was said that children are true to heart, they speak whatever comes in their mind. But with the changing times, now children have started speaking with a little thought, now take the innocent girl Shanaya, when she was asked about homework, the answer was wonderful. When she was asked what Shanaya does when you get homework from school, she said nothing, I block madam.

We all know that schools and colleges are closed due to Coronavirus. At present, schools are running online classes and it is having more impact on small children, in a way, children are troubled by class work, homework, most of the time they have to give mobile and laptop. Children also look for opportunities that something happens that gives freedom from homework. In such a situation, a girl named Shanaya Kamboj has told a better way to prevent the teacher from getting homework.

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People are liking this video very much and different types of comments are also coming. Users say that at this time the burden on children has increased and efforts should be made to reduce it. We have to find a way to reduce the burden on the children. Due to online studies, eyes are getting affected badly. In such a situation, whatever the girl said may be right or wrong, but she has given reason to others to laugh.

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