What’s next in Tamarind serial, 3 big changes.

What’s next in Tamarind serial, 3 big changes.

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Tamarind TV Show.&nbsp


  • TV serial Imli is ready for interesting twists and drama.
  • Malini is trying to win back Aditya.
  • Now something will happen due to which Aditya will get away from Tamarind.

The TV serial Tamarind has been entertaining the audience with great twists and turns. Now the popular TV serial Tamarind is all set for interesting twists and turns and drama. As Tamarind and Malini are going up against each other things get worse for them. Malini is trying to win back Aditya. Here Tamarind is also trying hard to get Aditya, but now something will happen due to which Aditya will get away from Tamarind. There are 3 big twists coming in the story of Tamarind.

Malini’s new master plan
In the upcoming episode of Tamarind, it will be shown that as soon as Mithi comes to know that Malini and Aditya are living under the same roof, the ground will slip under her feet. Malini will tell Anu on the video call that now she will take Tamarind away from Aditya forever. Malini will promise herself that in the coming days she will completely make Tamarind fall in the eyes of Aditya. Something big is going on in Malini’s mind.

3 new entry in tamarind
There are going to be 3 new entries in Tamarind serial which will bring a big twist. Actually the family is going for a short trip when their car gets punctured on the way and they get stuck. When Aditya and Nishant are on their way, Imli, Malini, Aparna, Radha, Roopi and Pankaj get into big trouble. Then 3 women trick the family and steal their gold ornaments. However, Tamarind sees them running. Now a tremendous fight scene will be seen in Tamarind’s serial. Tamarind fights with 3 women in Pagadandiya style and drags them to death by slapping them hard on their faces. Tamarind snatches all the ornaments back from them. In this way, Tamarind will once again prove herself in front of the Tripathi family.

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God will support tamarind
Malini is back amidst Tamarind and Aditya’s relationship and this time she doesn’t want to lose her husband. Tamarind doubts Malini’s intentions and tells this to Aditya as well. Aditya refuses to believe these things as he feels that Malini has sacrificed for him. Now Dev comes to know about Malini and Anu’s conspiracy. In such a situation, Dev decides to stand up for Tamarind and has also warned Malini. Now what are Malini and Anu planning next and how things will turn in their favor, it remains to be seen.

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