When is Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile) coming to Play Store? Expected release date, APK pre-registration, and more

When is Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile) coming to Play Store? Expected release date, APK pre-registration, and more

Krafton recently announced Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the Indian PUBG Mobile community is ecstatic with all the recent developments that have taken place. It has been over eight months since PUBG Mobile was suspended in the country, and now, it is on course for a comeback.

The title will have exclusive events, outfits, features, and an esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. Fans now await an official declaration of the game’s release date.

This article looks at the expected release date, pre-registration, and other details about Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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All details about Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile) so far

Expected release date

There have been various rumors regarding the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India as the developers are yet to announce one. Taking into account recent developments, it can be expected that the game will be released soon.

Prominent PUBG Mobile caster Ocean Sharma had expressed his views about Battlegrounds Mobile India to Sportskeeda Esports recently:

“As I previously stated, there will be two major announcements in May, one of which has been made today. Also, if this was just a teaser, the trailer could arrive by the end of the month if everything goes according to plan. Because this was only a baby step, the game could be available by June.”

Several fans have also voiced their opinions on the release date with various theories, including one for June 10th:

In a statement to Sportskeeda Esports, popular content creator Maxtern had stated:

“I believe an announcement will be made very soon, and the game will most likely be released by the end of May or June; if it does not, the hype surrounding the game will die.”

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APK pre-registration and social media handles

As per the announcement by Krafton, there will be a pre-registration phase before the game is officially released. However, no specific date or time has been provided yet about the same.

PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles have been renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India. On top of that, all posts/videos have been deleted from them. Links for the handles are as follows:

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

YouTube channel: Click here

Update: The much-awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration will now go live on May 18th, 2021. Pre-registered Indian users can claim a set of specific rewards when the game is released.

To pre-register themselves for Battlegrounds Mobile India, users will have to head to the Google Play Store and tap on the ‘pre-register’ button. In the meantime, the rewards will be automatically available for them to claim upon launch.


The developers have also set up a new website for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Users can view the poster, Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service on it. Here’s the former:

Poster of Battlegrounds Mobile India on the official website
Poster of Battlegrounds Mobile India on the official website

Readers can click here to head to the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website.

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