100% First Time Top Up, Visit Garena Topup Centre for Free Fire Top Up, Check gameskharido.in Free Fire

100% First Time Top Up, Visit Garena Topup Centre for Free Fire Top Up, Check gameskharido.in Free Fire

Games Kharido Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale genre. Free Fire has received 100 million daily active users. The games have grown consistently amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Free Fire Game holds in-game events and offers players a chance to get tons of exclusive items. Most of these events require Diamonds to join. With Games Kharido Free Fire, players can take advantage of the Games Kharido top up bonus and double your investment. 

In the Garena Free Fire game, Diamond is the most sought-after currency. With diamonds, the players can buy almost everything in the game. Games Kharido Free Fire top up is the only provider to this kind of offer. You can buy beautiful skins, emotes, outfits, to Battle Passes, etc. The premier currency is hard to get. Players have to pay real money for it, or wait relentlessly for events or redeem codes to claim some. If there are any chance to get a double top-up bonus, don’t miss it.

What is Garena Free Fire Top Up?

In the Free Fire Game, several top-up services are available on the Internet. It provides a means of purchasing Diamonds. With the growing demand for Free Fire in the community, more top-up sites are getting introduced.  Out of many promos, few come close to the doubling event offered by Games Kharido. 

Games Kharido Free Fire top up will provide one-of-a-kind deals. gameskharido.in is a top-up service centre developed by Garena. The website has been designed to satisfy the demand of the Indian market alone. gameskharido.in website provides service only for Garena Free Fire. Games Kharido in top up is a website where players can purchase Diamonds without breaking the bank. 

How to get a 100% Bonus with Games Kharido in Free Fire?

One of the opportunities, the first time users of the Garena Free Fire is that Games Kharido service will offer a 100% bonus in the first purchase. The first whopping promotion will apply to all denominations available in the store. The amount for Diamonds you pay for,  you actually get double that value. The bonus is still active and is still going strong on the Games Kharido website. So, if you’re new to the game and want to make an investment, visit Games Kharido top up centre.  Here are the total number of Diamonds, including the bonus amount: 

Free Fire Top Up Centre

Games Kharido Top Up Centre is one of the most used top-up websites.
Players can purchase Free Fire diamonds here. In this popular site, it will provide users with a 100% bonus on the first top-up. Here are the steps to purchase diamonds from Garena Topup Centre:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Games Kharido, gameskharido.in.
Step 2: Click on the Free Fire option. Log in through the Free Fire ID or Facebook account.
Step 3: When you log in, various top-up options will appear on the screen. You have to select the required amount of diamonds you want to purchase.
Step 4: After successful payment, diamonds will be added to the Free Fire account.

What is the price of diamonds on Games Kharido?

Check out the prices of diamonds on Games Kharido:

  • Rs.40 – 50 Diamonds + 50
  • Rs.80 – 100 Diamonds + 100
  • Rs.240 – 310 Diamonds + 310
  • Rs.400 – 520 Diamonds + 520
  • Rs.800 – 1060 Diamonds + 1060
  • Rs.1600 – 2180 Diamonds + 2180 
  • Rs.4000 – 5600 Diamonds + 5600

First-time players can get the bonus diamonds on their first top-up. Indian Users can use three payment options via PayTM, Netbanking, and UPI.

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