5 resources to farm for Klee before her banner re-run in Genshin Impact

5 resources to farm for Klee before her banner re-run in Genshin Impact

Following various leaks and rumors about Genshin Impact 1.6, Klee is set to receive a banner re-run with the next update.

The five-star rated pyro-elemental character was first introduced in October 2020 with the Sparkling Steps banner. However, it has been quite a while since the character was available for players to claim, and it seems almost certain that miHoYo is bringing her back with a banner re-run in Genshin Impact 1.6.

Players should note that ascending Klee to her highest potential requires a lot of in-game resources. With that in mind, players who wish to collect Klee in Genshin Impact 1.6 are advised to start collecting the following resources to ascend the character’s in-game potential.

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Resources to farm for Klee before her banner re-run in Genshin Impact

#5 – Agnidus Agate Silver, Fragments, Chunks, Gemstone, and Everflame seed

To take Klee to her maximum ascension level, players will need one Sliver, nine Fragments, nine Chunks and six Agnidus Agate Gemstones.

These resources can be obtained by defeating either the Pyro Regisvine or the Primo Geovishap boss. Players can also obtain these resources by converting other elements with the help of Dust of Azoth on the crafting table.

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Players will also need 46 Everflame Seeds, which can be obtained by defeating the Pyro Regisvine boss in Genshin Impact.

#4 – Philanemo Mushrooms

Philanemo Mushrooms can be found under the eaves of various houses located in Mondstadt.

Players can also purchase Philanemo Mushrooms from the in-game NPC known as Chloris. Players will need a total of 168 Philanemo Mushrooms to ascend Klee fully in Genshin Impact.

#3 – Diving Scroll, Sealed Scroll, and Forbidden Curse Scroll

These scrolls can be obtained by defeating Samachurls in Genshin Impact. Samachurls are the shamans and spiritual leaders of the Hilichurls.

Players will need a total of 18 Diving, 30 Sealed, and 36 Forbidden Curse scrolls to ascend Klee’s character to the maximum possible level in Genshin Impact.

#2 – Teachings of Freedom, Guide to Freedom, and Philosophies of Freedom

If players wish to level up Klee’s talent to level 10, they will need 9 Teachings of Freedoms, 63 Guide to Freedoms, and 114 Philosophies of Freedoms.

These materials are obtainable from Forsaken Rift – Domain of Mastery: Frosted Altar on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

#1 – Hero’s Wits and Mora

To level up Klee to level 90, players will need 1,672,000 Mora and around 419 Hero’s Wits. If the player wishes to keep her at level 80, players will need 987,400 Mora and around 249 Hero’s Wits.

To get Klee to her maximum possible ascension level, players will need 420,000 Mora. For her three talents to be at level 10, players require 4,957,500 Mora. However, if players are only aiming for level 8, they will need 1,507,500 Mora instead.

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In total, to make Klee level 90 with level 10 talents, players will need over seven million Mora. To make Klee level 80 with level 8 talent and maximum ascension, players will need around three million Mora in Genshin Impact.

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