7 Key Issues That Are Addressed During a Depression Quiz

Depression is different from just feeling down or sad. It is a mental health disorder with symptoms that require treatment. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a depression test to determine if your symptoms could be depression. 

A depression test is just a short non-invasive quiz which gathers information about the symptoms you have to see if you may be dealing with depression. Luckily, the symptoms of depression can be managed sometimes without the need for medication. 

Let’s look at the key issues addressed in a depression test

1.Feelings of Emptiness or Sadness That Don’t Go Away

If you’re experiencing persistent feelings of hopelessness or sadness, you may need to take a short depression test. Constantly feeling down or sad could be a symptom of depression. If you feel like you let yourself or your family down and that feeling doesn’t go away or leads to even more hopeless feelings, then you could have depression which needs treatment. 

2.Short Tempered

If you have found yourself being constantly irritated by every little thing and your anger easily escalates, then you may need to take a depression test. Being short tempered by itself doesn’t necessarily make you a candidate for a depression diagnosis but it could be a contributing factor. If you get angry easily in combination with some of the other key issues addressed on a depression test, then it may be time to make some lifestyle changes.   

3.Disruptions in Sleep Patterns

Many people who suffer from depression also suffer from major disruptions in their sleep patterns so this is one of the key issues addressed in a depression test. People may find themselves sleeping a lot rather than completing normal everyday activities. Others may find themselves hardly sleeping at all and fidgety, yet unable to complete a task. 

4.Anxiety and/or Restlessness

One symptom of depression can be new anxiety or restlessness. Someone may constantly feel sluggish or worry about everything, including things that are clearly beyond their control. The questions on a depression test are carefully crafted to draw out this pertinent information without being too personal. 

5.Loss of Enjoyment

People who suffer from depression typically find it hard to enjoy activities they once loved. These may be normal daily activities or personal connections with friends. Depression sufferers usually find themselves withdrawing from friends and family, sometimes unconsciously. A loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed or withdrawing from friends and family may be a symptom of depression. 

  1. Changes in Appetite

Many times, people suffering from depression will unconsciously start to overeat or they could completely lose their appetite. It’s typically a big swing one way or the other and it is a noticeable change from their norm. Big changes in appetite or weight could be a red flag that should not be ignored. This is one of the key issues addressed in a depression test. 

  1. Loss of Energy

Not only is a loss of energy a symptom of depression but it is exacerbated by the changes in appetite and interrupted sleep schedule. Adequate sleep and proper nutrition are an essential part of one’s energy stores. Sometimes people will even start moving noticeably slower due to the lack of energy. Someone suffering from one of these symptoms may need to take a depression test.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Depression Test?

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, then you may know someone who should take a depression test. It’s a simple multiple question test made up of a few short questions engineered to gather the pertinent information necessary to tell if there’s an issue. If you or someone you know suffers from these symptoms, consider taking an online depression test. It could be the tool you need to make lasting changes for the good.