Anupama Major Twists: 5 big changes in Anupama, the story will focus on the second generation, then Kavya will increase the hand of friendship

Anupama Major Twists: 5 big changes in Anupama, the story will focus on the second generation, then Kavya will increase the hand of friendship

Anupamaa Serial Update New|  rupali ganguly and sudhanshu pandey Anupamaa TV Show|  Anupamaa 5 Big Twist related to Kavya kinjal On vanraj Baa And paritosh life

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  • New twists and turns are going to be seen one after the other in Anupama.
  • There will be many such twists in the serial, with which the whole story will change.
  • Know 5 big turning points coming in Anupama.

The makers of Anupamaa are leaving no stone unturned to make the serial fun. Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey and Madalsa Sharma’s show Anupama sees some funny twists every day. Now in the coming days, you are going to see more twists and turns in Anupama one after the other. Because there will be many such twists in the upcoming episodes of Anupama, which will completely change the story of the serial. Know about the 5 big turning points coming in Anupama…

Kavya won the dance match
Anupama and Kavya’s dance face off was the subject of discussion. The two are fighting to find out who is the best dancer. Everyone gathers to find out what happened. After the dance performance is over, Kavya asks Pakhi who was better? Seeing Pakhi’s silence, Anupama herself declares Kavya the winner. Just then Leela says that Anupama is the best mother as she has accepted her defeat despite winning. But here Kavya further provokes Pakhi, she says that Anupama tried to make herself look great by declaring her the winner.

Paritosh will regret leaving the house
We recently saw how Paritosh expressed his desire to walk out of the Shah family. Rakhi suggested this to Paritosh but Kinjal was not really happy with the decision. Now in the upcoming episodes, we will see that while Kinjal refuses to leave the house, Paritosh is firm on his decision. Rakhi explains to Paritosh that she should convince Kinjal at any cost. Now Paritosh is making some bad plans. Here everyone is busy inaugurating Anupama’s dance academy and Vanraj’s cafe. Only then will Paritosh brainwash Kinjal. He knows that Kinjal doesn’t want to compromise on her career. In such a situation, Paritosh will instigate him that with the opening of a cafe and dance academy, the responsibility of the house will fall on his shoulders. There is a possibility that Paritosh and Kinjal will move out of Shah’s house. But later Paritosh is also likely to regret his decision.

Story will focus on the new generation
Anupama’s story will now focus on the new generation as well. Viewers are also going to join the story of the new generation of Samar-Nandini and Kinjal-Toshu along with Rupali and Sudhanshu. The story of Kinjal and Toshu is very relatable as ups and downs in their relationship are very common these days. As both Anupama and Vanraj’s sons Samar-Paritosh are moving ahead in their personal life. The marriage of Samar and Nandini has also been approved. On the other hand, Paritosh-Kinjal want to start their own life apart from the joint family. Along with this, the role of Pakhi is also seen increasing continuously in the show.

Anupama-Vanraj’s business innings
New business is about to start in the upcoming episode of Anupama. It was seen earlier that Vanraj, Anupama, Samar, Nandini work very hard to set up business. Finally the work is completed where they are ready to start the cafe and academy as well. Anupama, Kavya and rest of the family members are ready for the inauguration. For the first time, Anupama is starting her new business in association with Vanraj. Both are going to be seen spending time together again, even if not professionally. Also, Vanraj has a soft corner for Anupama in his heart, everyone knows because he had warned Kavya not to come between Pakhi and Anupama. Otherwise it will not be good. In such a situation, it may be that while working together, the grievances between the two will go away and they will come closer again.

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Anupama and Kavya will be friends!
The theme and menu of the cafe as rejected by Kavya. Kavya says don’t put emotion in business, because if the cafe doesn’t work, then she should not be sad. There is no guarantee of business whether it will work or not. Anupama will agree with Kavya for the first time. Anupama explains to the Shah family that it is true that there must be hope, but this thing should not be kept in the heart whether the business will run or not. All this is not in anyone’s hands. When Anupama favored Kavya, she was not angry for the first time. On rare occasions, Kavya and Anupama agree on each other’s points. Is this the beginning of a new friendship? Well, only time will tell.

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