Browser adblocker in phone: TOP applications in 2022

According to Hootsuite statistics, more than 42% of users install ad blockers in their browsers. This makes it much easier to work online, because you no longer need to be distracted by closing endless pop-up windows, video ads, and other marketing “charms.” 

Browser ads block in phone has become an essential attribute for users of all ages and statuses. We decided to test a few of the most promising apps that will conquer Internet surfers in 2022.

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Browser ad blocker in phone app, which will get rid of marketing blocks on websites. The service also includes ad removal for games and application programs. In addition, AWAX boasts a robust system for protecting your data. Its local VPN service does not let suspicious requests and does not let download trackers and phishing links that collect information.

The program helps fight ads in all popular browsers on Windows and Mac OS devices, as well as on smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS.  Browser adblocker in iPhone so far works only in Safari. 

A distinctive feature of the app is its increased efficiency. It provides you with mobile traffic savings, improves the performance of other apps, and speeds up the loading of websites. Browser ad blocker AWAX performs equally well in phone browser from any manufacturer: Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.

Use the 7-day trial period to evaluate this blocker’s functionality. And then use one of the 3 available plans to protect all your devices permanently. 


AdAway is a free app that can help you easily remove ads from websites. It offers ready-to-use settings for managing downloaded pages in your browser. “Blacklists” are useful if you want to block other sites (not even commercial ones), while “whitelists” will allow you to run the marketing pages you need.

Browser ad blocker in phone is focused more on Android OS. To install it, you need to download an APK, and you will need access to root rights to install it on your Android device. But thanks to the effective functionality and easy navigation, the app is popular with many users. Unfortunately, the browser ad blocker does not work in Apple phone.

Total Adblock

A favorite blocker developed for iOS devices. Total Adblock is an effective tool for removing marketing blocks on websites. It was created by a company previously famous for TotalAV antivirus. Ad blocker provides convenient work in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc. The app also removes ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

The service has a “silent mode,” allowing you to turn off push notifications. There is a whitelist with a simple settings customization method, where you can choose the ad sites you want. It also blocks malicious requests and auto-play advertising audio and videos. With this functionality, web pages load faster, and you no longer waste time closing pop-up windows.

Browser ad blocker shows decent results on iOS devices. The only downside is that it is not available for Android. But according to the developers, this will soon be fixed.


You can choose an ad blocker depending on your preferences, favorite browser, or smartphone OS. Or opt for cross-platform development to get more protection options. Each of the three blockers we tested showed good results, so the choice is yours. Which app will be a reliable “shield” against ad attacks for you?