Closed Beta, Release Date, and more details

Closed Beta, Release Date, and more details

Several Apex Legends players continue to ask when will Apex Legends be coming to mobile?

Going mobile is a big move that several other major games have already made. Fortnite started its mobile gaming only a year or so after its initial release on consoles. Similarly, COD released its mobile version of online gameplay and was another major success. Apex Legends, on the other hand, has taken its time to hit mobile devices across the globe.

Luckily, there has steadily been more and more news and leaks on its release. Players just have to keep waiting as it should be coming soon.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends mobile is not rolling out all across the globe in one swing. This could cause major server issues and of course make for some bad gameplay. As of now, Apex Legends mobile is starting with small closed beta tests in India and the Philippines. These tests have already started as of Spring 2021. They will focus on Android devices first, then iOS, and will eventually allow for open registration once the closed betas are done.

As of right now, Apex Legends has confirmed that the only closed beta running is in India. With this, it’s clear that Apex Legends closed beta is working and is moving forward with the project as seen in the video above. The closed beta is also up in the Philippines. As the leak above shows, players can definitely register, but the game won’t start just yet.

So, there is no real nor concrete word on when these closed betas will appear anywhere else in the world. Nor is there a release date available for Apex Legends mobile altogether. However, it can be speculated that the game should be released in Fall or Winter of 2021.

On the plus side, there are a few leaks that have come out for Apex Legends mobile. This includes some cool skins that might be mobile exclusives. When players get their chance to pre-register for the mobile game, they will also have to act quickly to join the closed beta. It’s been revealed that Apex Legends mobile closed betas will be on a first come first serve basis.

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