Former Tennis Legend Confident Towards Team Russia in ATP Cup

Russia in ATP Cup

Marat Safin never lost his love for the game of tennis. Despite retiring for more than a decade ago, the Russian is still a known figure in the sport and is a big hit wherever he goes. This time the fans will have the chance to see him as he is set to lead Team Russia in the ATP Cup this year.

Along with fellow tennis legends in Boris Becker and Thomas Muster, Safin is in the coaching ranks for the ATP Cup. He believes that his players have a strong front and have a shot at taking down the big three of the sport.

Despite being a big fan of the sport’s legends, he hopes that the new generation in the ATP can force them out of the game when the time comes.

‘This group of three – Roger, Rafa, and Djokovic – is something unique in tennis that has never happened,’ Safin said ahead of this week’s ATP Cup. ‘They are incredible, especially Roger. I wish them to play a little bit longer, but I also wish to the young ones to retire them earlier’.

While Safin thinks that his role is just a minimal one, he knows that both of his best players will have to stay in touch with their own personal coaches throughout the competition.

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‘The captain has to respect the coaches of each player, we’ll work together. Not everything will be on my back, but the coaches know better than me and the effect on the player’s performance’, said Safin. ‘I don’t want to interfere too much, because it might not have the right effect. I want them to be themselves, because everyone has their own character, and do the best they can’.

He remains confident with his players, as he believes that Team Russia has the necessary firepower and balance when it comes to the tennis court. Safin’s trust in the players means that the team has prepared a lot for the said competition.

‘I believe we have the “dream team”, and we’ll be the future champions of the ATP Cup’, Safin added. ‘I’m really happy with the team, I’m pleased and proud to be part of a great team. Everyone is a great guy, which is very important’.

‘It will be tough, for sure, but our confidence is rocking. We’ve been here a few days and we’re ready to play’, Safin continued. ‘Russia is into tennis with Daniil and Karen doing well right now. But we want to move ice hockey from top spot and make Russians proud’.

There will be a lot of things that will come into play once Team Russia sets their foot on the tennis court. It will be a long battle, and fans will have to wait for the results to come out as the ATP Cup ensues.

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