Best and Efficient OCR Tools – Image to Text Converter

OCR Tools

The optical character recognition technique is commonly known as OCR. There are numerous tools on the web that use this technique to extract text from pictures and then convert it into some editable format. At times people do not have enough time to type any document, so an efficient OCR tools will scan documents to extract text from them. In the second step, after extraction, it will convert every information from image to text into an editable i.n. word format. 

Best and Efficient OCR Tools on the Internet

There are numerous tools all over the internet to convert from image to text. However, the most efficient ones are as follows:

It offers a picture to text converter with exceptional functionality to provide comprehensive support for converting image to text. This online image to text converter delivers the best results immediately. This photo text editor offers the option to enter the URL or select the image from the device or Dropbox. On Clicking the “Submit” button, this converter will change the image to text in the blink of an eye. This OCR tool offers a deep analysis to serve the most accurate results. After deep analysis and scanning to convert image to text, the extracted manuscript will undergo the procedure of translation. This way, this image to text converter makes the extracted text available for editing. 

Occasionally it becomes difficult for many individuals to comprehend it as it includes some electronic or mechanical conversion of a photograph into some particular machine-encoded text.

This photo to text converter offers text extraction from any kind of photograph with accuracy. It asks the user to Upload their document with images and Click the “Submit” button; subsequently, it will display the results within moments. It allows the entry of photos URL and also gives The option to directly upload the image or document from google drive. It will instantaneously examine the words in the image and change them into an editable word format. This image to text converter finds the exact match of the input (image) in the corresponding electronic version.

With the support of this image-to-text converter, the work of hours can be done rapidly. This online OCR tool increases productivity as it saves a lot of time.

This tool works best for every device and requires no installation. It Identifies the text and written data present in the pictures. After a deep scan, its OCR online technology will Convert text and Images into the editable DOC format. It can convert the data from tables, columns, as well as graphics. It offers a “Guest mode” devoid of registration and permits users to convert a maximum of 15 files in one hour. The photo to text editor allows the text extraction of different languages without any hassle as it is capable of identifying multilingual text. 

No matter what language text is contained in the photograph, this online web-based OCR converter will dig it out and display it without any incorrectness. 

FreeOCR- OCR Tools

It is another well-ordered and valued free Optical Character Recognition tool. It X-rays all the documents via its scanners. It is famous for reviewing PDFs, multi-page, Tiff images, and scripted papers. It delivers the output in the form of plain text and also converts it directly into Microsoft word format. This OCR tools offers its services without any cost. Also, immediate delivery is its individuality. If the images from which text extraction is required are available over the web, there’s no need to first download them.

This online tool allows users to copy the URL of the image, paste it, and click the convert button. Within a few seconds, the tool will convert the image to text and display the editable text.


Whenever someone wants to edit or publish photo text, this image-to-text converter extracts text and lets users edit the text as they want. In case of extracting text from somebody else’s picture, it becomes mandatory to check plagiarism to find and remove any duplication. It offers a supplementary feature to convert a word file to pdf very quickly. Once the user has uploaded the file, it will reverse and then remove all the data within 60 minutes. However, This OCR tool offers paid services. 

This online converter provides accurate results. However, text extraction also depends upon the quality of the image. If the image quality is good, the tool will deliver authentic results.


This image-to-text converter is capable of handling every type of image format. This tool is supportive when someone wants to extract some parts of the text present in an image, such as some poetry, quotations, etc. Eventually, this online converter transforms text from jpg to word format without any hassle. This OCR online technology offers some unique features as well.  Once this tool converts the text from the image to text it offers the option to mail this file to a website which is specified for each tool with the target format within a few moments.