Imlie Spoiler, imlie update, tamarind update, sumbul touqeer khan and gashmeer mahajani

Imlie Spoiler, imlie update, tamarind update, sumbul touqeer khan and gashmeer mahajani

Imlie Spoiler Alert, Imlie serial ki kahani, imlie serial update, Imli serial

Imlie Spoiler Alert &nbsp


  • A new twist is coming in the story of serial Tamarind.
  • The truth about Tamarind and Aditya’s marriage will come out.
  • Private pictures of both will come in front of the family.

Imlie Serial Latest Update: A new twist is coming in the story of Star Plus’ popular serial Imli. After a long wait, the truth of the marriage of Tamarind (sumbul touqeer khan) and Aditya Tripathi (Gashmeer Mahajani) is finally coming in front of the Tripathi family in the serial Imli. Knowing this, the ground will slip under the feet of the Tripathi family. The Tripathi family had not even dreamed that the tamarind who would come to their house as a maid, is actually the daughter-in-law of that house.

Till now you have seen that Aditya Tripathi’s mother-in-law and Malini’s mother Anu Chaturvedi (Jyoti Gauba) calls the press in college and asks personal questions to Tamarind. She confronts Imli about her relationship with Aditya and accuses Imli of being dirty. Meanwhile, Paah gets ink painted on the tamarind. Tamarind is horrified by this accident and Tripathi’s family also comes to know about this news coming on TV.

Intimate pictures of Tamarind-Aditya will come out

When the whole city starts talking about Tamarind and Aditya, the Tripathi family decides that if Tamarind gets married, everyone will shut their mouths. Then Aditya says that Tamarind is already married, so how will she get married again. Then everyone says that then bring Tamarind’s husband in front. On the other side in the room, Aditya hugs Tamarind and kisses her on the forehead to allay her fear. Someone captures this incident in the camera from the window.

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Aditya will tell the truth

The next day while everyone is waiting for Tamarind’s husband to come, Anu Chaturvedi (Jyoti Gauba) will make public the intimate pictures of Tamarind and Aditya there and ask where is Tamarind’s husband. Then Aditya will tell the truth about Tamarind’s husband. He will say that he is Tamarind’s husband. He and Tamarind are married. Everyone will be shocked to know this. Aditya’s mother Aparna (Ritu Choudhary Seth) will get furious on hearing this and will slap Aditya. It has to be seen that the tamarind which is beloved by everyone in the house will be accepted by the Tripathi family as the daughter-in-law. On the other hand Malini who is Aditya’s wife, what will be his future.

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