Imran Khan says women’s clothing contributing factor to the rise in rapes

Imran Khan says women’s clothing contributing factor to the rise in rapes

Imran Khan

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  • Imran Khan has given such statements in the past too
  • If women wear too little clothes, it will affect men: Imran Khan
  • Earlier, the rise in rape cases in Pakistan was attributed to obscenity.

New Delhi: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again been subjected to fierce criticism. Indeed, he has reiterated that the rise in sexual harassment cases in the country is linked to women’s clothing. Imran Khan in an interview said that if a woman wears too little clothes, it will have an effect on men, unless they are robots. This is common sense.’

Imran Khan’s remark has sparked outrage on social media. Opposition leaders and journalists criticized him. This is not the first time Imran has said something like this. He had said on live TV, ‘This whole concept of purdah is to avoid temptation. Not everyone has the will to avoid it.

“History tells us that when obscenity increases in society, sex crimes increase and family structure breaks down,” he said in response to a question during a telephonic conversation with people a few months ago. When Imran’s opinion on sexual violence came to the fore, Pakistani journalist Reema Umar hit out at Imran, saying, ‘Imran Khan’s statement linking rape with obscenity shows his ignorance. This statement is dangerous and condemnable.

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Human rights activist Minnie Gabina said, ‘I can guarantee that one day a large number of women will come forward and accuse Imran Khan of harassment or even rape. A person having this kind of mentality is a criminal in himself. Pakistan’s legal group, human rights and women’s rights groups criticized Imran for his statement on rape.

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