Learn How to Add Audio to Google Slides

How to add audio to google slides

Google Slides currently enables us to embed audio. It comprises voiceover work, songs, storytelling, soundtracks, and any additional form of sound you may very well have accessibility to or desire to generate. Many people have been seeking how to add audio to Google Slides, either voiceover or soundtrack.

Finally now have a new display selection thanks to Google considering our requirement: Insert > Audio!  We may integrate this capability in various ways into our instructional preparation and client tasks.


You Need to Know How to Add Audio to Google Slides

  1. Publish the audio version in MP3 or WAV files to Google Drive.
  2. Select the screen where you need to insert audio in your Google Slides show. Inside the toolbar located at the top of the Presentations page, choose “Insert.”
  3. Pick “Audio” from the “Insert” drop-down bar.
  4. Then can seek for any audio recording in “My Drives,” “Sharing drives,” “Shared with me,” or “Recent” inside the “Add sound” pop-up. Furthermore, users can utilize the search option to enter the file name of any mp3 recording.
  5. Tap “Choose” after picking the document you wish to add.
  6. a little audio sign indicating your audio recording will now be visible on your display. Select the icon and shift any of its borders inward and outward to adjust its dimensions.
How to add audio to google slides
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Anyone can stop, replay, or fast-forward the audio through the replay box that displays whenever you touch the button or hold your cursor over that.

A toolbar option will emerge on the right-hand side of such a screen once you select the symbol. From this one, you may modify various acoustic and configuration factors, such as media playing, ability to reflect, shadowing, tone, and much more.


Describe How to use Spotify to Add Music to Google Slides

  1. Start the pc or web-based application of Spotify and choose the appropriate song.
  2. Select the preferred music, record, or collection by selecting the adjacent ellipsis symbol. Subsequently, in the flip that appears, select “Sharing” and afterward “Copy Music Links.”
  3. Choose the first screen of the Google Slides presentations where you would like the audio to begin playing.
  4. Choose content or a photo on the page, select “Add link,” and afterward paste your Spotify URL into the open box.
  5. Be confident that you sign in to Spotify’s today’s technology in advance of your demonstration. When performing the show, you must press the link to start Spotify in another web browser. When switching back to the Google Slides show, you will still be required to tap the start button for the music in the Spotify browser.


Audio Format Modifications

When you discover how to add audio to Google Slides, you need to know the adjustment of the audio format. Many simple audio changes are accessible in Google Slides. The “Format Settings” item in the sidebar can be accessed once the sound item has been specified. The possible modifications are presented there, in addition to the default configuration.

The mp3 audio replaying level is one of the modifications. According to your choice, the sound may support automatically or with a touch. The loudspeaker button can be removed when users pick “try playing automatic” because it is no longer required.

If you prefer the audio to replay constantly, you can repeat it. You can pause the sound while the slide switches when you only would like it to be accessible with one slide. The soundtrack will play whenever the sliding buttons unless you select the option that stops it all from ending.


When Should Audio Content be Added?

Recorded presentations can be significantly enhanced by incorporating songs, enabling listeners to become more involved with your topic. As per experts, the audio we listen to influences our emotions and might change how we view the outside world. To the analysis, the appropriate background music can boost user engagement and helps them comprehend a presentation’s content.

Recording a voiceover may be the best choice whether you’re producing a short video that audiences can see freely in their schedule or that you will post on your webpage. A presenter must convey a presentation’s material, and audiences shouldn’t be required to rely mostly on text displayed on the screen during absences. A narrative can hopefully maintain the public’s attention, part ways boring, and increase motivation during your session. So, all of this is important when learning how to add audio to Google Slides. Before taping your voiceover, you must look for several practical tools for creating exciting video narratives.

How to add audio to google slides
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The Advantage of Including Audio in Google Slides:

You should be using sound in your Google Slides presentation for just a wide variety of reasons. An excellent approach to engross your listeners in the material you’re delivering is through audio. In addition, deciding on the right audio for the slideshows can enhance your listener’s understanding of your topic.

More significantly, Google Slides also allows voiceover. It can be the perfect choice whether you’re producing an offline presentation that individuals can access at their convenience.


Adding Audio from YouTube:

Open Google Slides and pick the screen on which you’d like to add sound to your show.

Add any clip you wish to incorporate into your slideshow when you do not really know how; kindly direct to the How to Add a Clip in Google Slides instruction.

Minimize the video’s size and position it beyond the slide’s display region.

Configure the clip to repeat by going to the Media Player Settings. Right-click the clip and choose Formatting settings to achieve this. Next, select “Autoplay while displaying” by pressing the playback drop-down bar. Kindly direct to the How to Add a Videos in Google Slides lesson if you wish to discover more about this topic.

How to add audio to google slides
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Even if you have never created a voiceover, don’t be scared. You can instantly gain confidence when you’ve gained sufficient experience.

Creating instructional presentations using Google Slides is simple and enjoyable when sound and speech are added. So, you can discover how to add audio to Google Slides as your skills develop. Sometimes GIFs can be used in Google Slides projects. Similarly to the way you can add sound to Powerpoint slides.

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