Maternity Activewear: Best Workout Clothes for Pregnant

Maternity Activewear: Best Workout Clothes for Pregnant

When you’re pregnant and if you want to exercise, it’s best to wear comfortable workout clothes for the pregnant. Although clothes shouldn’t be restrictive, pregnant women require active wear that supports their constantly changing and expanding bodies. However, it might be intimidating to purchase in a category you’ve never required before.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab’s fiber experts assess nursing bras, pregnancy leggings, jeans, and other maternity apparel. We integrated our fabric and clothing knowledge with advice from a variety of fitness professionals, such as prenatal trainers and coaches, to find the best maternity workout attire. These experts decided to share how to purchase the best trousers, shirts, bras, leggings, socks, and other items you’ll need during this special time.

Most people should continue their workout regimen while expecting, says all health coach. You continue to want to feel comfortable in your clothing as your body changes. Clothing should be comfortable, supportive, breathable, and, of course, functional.

Choosing your fitness attire while pregnant can be intimidating. However, when you feel secure, and at ease in your workout attire, you are more inclined to move around, which is great for both your well-being and the well-being of your developing kid.

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The following are the best workout clothes for pregnant:

Align Pant

Despite not being designed with pregnancy in mind, the Align pants regularly got high acclaim when moms were asked which training attire they preferred while expecting. Full-length and abbreviated versions, high and standard rises, and various colors are all available for the highly silky leggings.

Despite being snug, they don’t offer tight compression. When looking for pregnancy workout attire, it’s essential to find both clothing cozy and supportive. If the clothing is too tight or compressing, it will be unpleasant and restrict movement. As your bump grows, too-loose clothing won’t provide the comfort you might need. Although these trousers are more expensive than most, they will comfortably fit and stretch with your growing body at every stage.


Featherweight On The Down Low Maternity Tee

Beyond Yoga provides a selection of tops in various sleeve lengths, and our expert sources gushed about it for workout clothes for pregnant. This short-sleeve tee is adaptable for various tasks, and practically everyone we spoke to found it appealing. Maternity clothing should have side ruching to allow for the growth of your baby. This garment also has side ruching. The top is versatile and sits considerably, making it manageable as your belly grows. A mother and wellness coach, Aimee Nicotera, claims that longer shirts and tanks are significantly more flattering on many moms as their bellies grow.


Knee-High Compression Socks

Whenever it relates to maternity socks, compression is crucial. In order to prevent numbness, aches, and pains, you should have blood circulation in our body. Your entire performance and recovery are enhanced by compression material.

Pregnant women have found this particular kind of socks effective inside and outside the gym. They also come in lovely colors and fascinating designs like ombré and tie-dye, so they don’t just look like medical socks.

Maternity Knee High Compression Socks
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Sport Support Maternity Support Crossback Tank

This fashionable tank top is a favorite among pregnant women. It stands out, especially for giving you enough support to feel secure. You should wear a top that keeps everything in place and is easy to get into and out of. Racerback tanks are also advised for exercises since they offer a great range of motion.

Katie Breard, a trainer, added that she found this shirt comfortable when pregnant and following a C-section. The drawback is that it’s more expensive, but considering that it will flex to fit your body, it’s a good expenditure.


Women’s Maternity Biker Shorts

A large number advised high-waisted, fitted motorcycle shorts of the professionals we spoke with. According to personal trainer Jess Rose McDowell, “the high-waisted fit fits the body wonderfully and stays tight on the body just above hips.” McDowell also advises looking at the length because you’ll want a longer inseam than usual to prevent your shorts from riding up.

Many expectant mothers find this particular pair’s complete belly covering comfortable because the style lessens strain on your muscles and back. A plus is the side pocket, where you may store your phone or keys.


Sporty Mesh Maternity/Nursing Sports Bra

Finding a suitable sports bra can be difficult even when you aren’t pregnant, but expectant mothers have even more specialized requirements in this area. Several of the professionals we spoke with suggested this brand as cozy and practical. It’s excellent for medium-impact exercises during pregnancy and contains breathable fabric to keep you cool.

It has several back hook-and-eye closures that can be adjusted to fit your changing size, and the soft straps can be made into a racerback, which our sources advised for more support.

When the breasts become larger, especially during the third trimester, it is crucial to use a bra that will provide sufficient support to preserve an upright posture. Bonus: You can continue to wear this specific sports bra after giving birth because it doubles as a nursing bra.

A sports bra shouldn’t be overly restrictive but should be tight for support. If you are using a sports bra and notice an indented line when you remove it, it is too tight.

Sporty Mesh Maternity/Nursing Sports Bra
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Maternity Rollover-Waist Run Shorts

If jogging is your preferred maternity exercise, take into account these shorts, which received high praise from prenatal fitness professionals. They have a loose fit and a flexible strip that can roll up or down depending on what is more suitable for your body. They are affordable, cute, and practical.

With a 3-inch leg length, they are somewhat on the shorter side; therefore, if you feel uncomfortable wearing shorter lengths, these could not be the combination for you.


Maternity Powersoft Side-Shirred Hooded Jacket

Numerous real-life mothers we spoke to loved this jogging jacket’s flattering fit and comfortable materials, praising its appeal. It has a reasonable price tag and is available in three stylish colors. Further features include thumb holes to keep the sleeves from riding up, flashing elements for safety and visibility, and shirred panels to accommodate your expanding belly.



Finding the ideal workout clothes for pregnant or expectant mothers who enjoy being active might be difficult. You don’t want to sacrifice practicality for something that only so happens to fit, nor do you want to sacrifice style for athletic wear that just so happens to fit your expanding frame.

The positive news There are several reliable options for comfortable pregnant sportswear available today, some of which aren’t even considered maternity clothing. Exercising at every stage of your pregnancy without making sacrifices will make you feel your best.