Racing with chartbusters Meek Mill sets a unique record

Meek Mill net worth

If you are here to know Meek Mill’s net worth, keep reading to learn how he made it to $20 million net worth. This multi million dollar industry has some unique singers with amazing voice and making it to the chartbusters and Meek is raising the bar high.

Meek Mill’s childhood:

Meek Mills’s original name is Robert Rahmeek Williams, and he was born in 1987 on the 6th of May. Born in South Philadelphia, he had seen a rough childhood and a tragic incident when his father was killed when he was a young boy 5 years of age, and this incident was during a robbery attack. Due to this tragic story of his childhood, he was sad, but his mom was a god given gift for him, his biggest support. As her husband died, Kathy made sure to provide all the support to her family, and she worked very hard by doing several jobs in order to give the best comfort to her family. It is also shared that she has shoplifted at times in order to help the family. In this scenario, it is understood that he must have seen tough times during his childhood which motivated him to work hard. He was determined to change his fate with his very own voice by seeing all this. The famous influencer D.J. Grandmaster Nel was Mill’s uncle, and he was performing as a D.J. in the late eighties. He has also influenced D.J. Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith.

How Meek understood his pulse?

As a child, Meek, who was very shy, participated in Rap Battles in his teens under the name The Bloodhoundz. This is the beginning of his determination. Meek started a group of rappers with three of his friends. This won a wonderful appreciation in the audience.

An unfortunate incident:

But at the age of 18, he was arrested by the police for illegal possession of firearms, and he was hit very badly by the police and was put on probation.

Meek Mill net worth

About Meek’s career:

In 2006 he started to release his mixtapes, and the one that got him fame was in 2007 when he released Flamerz. With this fame and the next one named “Flamerz 2 – Hottest in the City,” brought him to the limelight, he got the attention of the industry giants like T.I.’s Grand Hustle and Warner Brothers Records. However, he again got into a rough phase where he got arrested and was in jail for seven months, and this was before signing any of the contracts. But once he was out, he signed an agreement with the Warner brothers music Maybach Music Group. With the debut music album, he created a massive impact by hitting the Billboard top 200 charts and U.S. rap and hip hop R&B chart in 2012 with his Studio album’ dreams and nightmares.’ This was the beginning of a new era in the world of music.

Continued Sucess with the second hit:

His second album also created history by being on all the three charts in the hit list in 2015 for the album’ dreams worth more than money.’ His third album, ‘wins and losses,’ stood on the second position in the Rap and Hip Hop/R&B charts in 2017.

His remuneration:

With the huge impact he created with the albums, he earned 15 million from 2017 to 2018, making him one of the highest-paid rappers worldwide. Not only that, but he also has other contracts with Amazon and endorsements between 2018 and 2019, where he earned 20 million dollars. This was a great boon for him. Like his peers, Meek has been a strong player in the music industry. Free Meek, released in 2019, is a documentary that shows the phases of criminal justice Meek faced. He was the executive producer in the OTT series. Some famous names like Chris Brown, Post Malone, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and others have worked with Meek. This determined artist soon reached great heights in the industry.

Meek Mill net worth

Meek Mill’s Earnings from Endorsement Deals

Although he has spent much less time than his peers in the industry, he has bagged some lucrative endorsement deals that offer mind-blowing remuneration. He grew richer day by day due to his unstoppable attitude. These days endorsements immensely help celebrities to keep their career in good shape. It is the backbone for the stars. They have an eight-figure salary purely based on these kinds of endorsement deals like Diddy’s deals worth $ 700 million for Diageo’s Ciroc.

Puma and Monster Energy brands:

Similarly, even this 34-year-old star makes huge bucks with Puma and Monster Energy brands. The endorsement deals were worth a million, which made Meek one of the richest rappers. Fame plus money is the gain at the end. Also, it is surprising that his youtube channel covers most of the endorsement deals. It is amazing how the social media channels have built a strong remuneration method for people, due to which Meek gets paid from the sponsored ads. The ads offer one of the best known payment packages to all the celebrities. Also, his earnings from the monetized videos are fantastic. With more than 1.3 million subscribers, his annual income from the youtube channel itself is nearly $180,000. Can you imagine how astonishing that is, which means he can easily sit back and enjoy the terrific income even without the music tours and albums composition.

Meek Mill net worth

Meek’s car fetish:

His years of yearning for high-end cars are paid off with his hard work and dedication to musical opportunities. He fulfilled his dreams. His tragic childhood had left his life wounded, but now he is really enjoying the fruits of his hard work and determination. His enormous collection of vehicles includes some of the best and lavish wheels like Aston Martin Rapide with gold wheels, Rolls Royce Ghost, Maybach, Bentley Mulsanne, Bentley Flying Spurs, Mercedes S – Class, and Mercedes G63.

To conclude:

Worldwide there is great popularity for rappers, and they have gained an amazing fan following mainly because of the evolution in the music industry and the mindset of people. There is a lot of difference in the way people accept music and songs and differentiate or understand the different genres in music.