Nasseruddin Shah on Dilip Kumar

Nasseruddin Shah on Dilip Kumar

Nasseruddin Shah on Dilip Kumar

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Dilip Kumar and Nasseruddin Shah &nbsp


  • Dilip Kumar and Naseeruddin Shah worked together in the film Karma
  • Naseeruddin was nervous to talk during the shoot
  • Dilip Kumar and Naseeruddin Shah were admitted in the same hospital

Naseeruddin Shah, who has won the hearts of the audience with his strong acting and dialogues, is one of the shining stars of Bollywood. A few days ago, the actor was admitted to Hinduja Hospital after his health deteriorated. Naseer was in the same hospital where Dilip Sahab was admitted. Naseeruddin Shah said that when he was admitted in the hospital, Saira Banu had come to meet him. He put his hand on my head and blessed me saying that sir was asking about you. The actor said that I wanted to meet him before leaving. But unfortunately the day I was discharged from the hospital, he said goodbye to the world.

During a conversation with Times, Naseeruddin recalled his old days and revealed that when he first expressed his desire to pursue a career in acting, Dilip sahab had refused him. Dilip sahib told him ‘I think you should go back home and study. Good family members don’t try to be actors. Although Naseer sahib was very nervous after hearing this answer of Dilip sahib, but with hard work and diligence he made his mark in Bollywood.

Naseeruddin Shah has an old relationship with Dilip Sahab’s family

Naseeruddin Shah came to Mumbai after running away from home at the age of 16, aspiring to become a film star in his eyes. The actor said that he was not in touch with his parents after coming to Mumbai. In such a situation, his family used to take his condition from Dilip Sahab. Naseeruddin’s family has an old relationship with Dilip Sahab. Naseeruddin Shah’s father’s elder sister i.e. his aunt Shakina Aapa was well known to Dilip Sahab. Naseeruddin also used to visit Dilip Kumar’s house frequently and stayed for a long time.

Naseeruddin Shah was too nervous to talk

Dilip Sahab and Naseeruddin Shah worked together in the film Ittefaq Se Karma. Sharing his experience related to the film, the actor said that I think this was the time when I feel that I got nervous for the first time in my life while acting. I was often too nervous to talk to him.

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